Bosch and Antenne Bayern: wrong-way driver warning via the App

A new function for Antenne Bayern App Bosch and the radio station to bring an exciting function in the car: A wrong-way driver-warning system with data from the Cloud to warn drivers in the future and hopefully in time, if danger from a Ghost rider. Key to the success of the App, the 250,000 active users of the Antenne Bayern App, be warned within a few seconds, as soon as the App networked driver enters the highway on-ramp in the wrong direction.

As soon as a corresponding Cloud-Service manufacturer and radio stations-across-in-action, can be taken care of with the help of Car-to-X communication, in fact, across the Board for more safety. Although the App can’t detect all incorrect drivers and therefore also not always in time to warn with increasing number of users, the network will pay, but always close.

The Bosch and Antenne Bayern realized function is another interesting example of the practical advantages of a modern Car-to-X communication. The first, rather abstract data in the Cloud can be quite tangible, and in case of doubt, life-saving information. According to Bosch are reported per year, around 2,000 wrong-way drivers on German motorways, which results in an average of about 20 deaths per year.

For a driver of a current BMW 5-series, 6-series GT, 7 series or X3 with the active ConnectedDrive Services the Ghost driver warning via the App occurs on the side of the BMW’s own wrong-way driver warning. The function of the current BMW navigation systems are intended to prevent primarily, that the driver is unintentionally self-the spirit rider: the BMW in the opposite direction on a highway on-ramp, the driver will be immediately visually and acoustically aware of his mistake.

Dr. Volkmar Denner (Chairman of the Board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH): “Bosch is working to free a mobility, emissions, stress-free and, not least, accident free. Our wrong-way driver warning shows that we approach the issue of road safety holistically, and beyond the vehicle think.
Every traffic death is one too many. Therefore, I am pleased that we are improving with antenna Bavaria road safety and a large number of road users in good time about false trips. In this way, fatal accidents can be prevented – I am convinced of that.”

Ina Tenz (program Director & Director of Content, Antenne Bayern): “the wrong-way driver warning from Bosch, we set for our listeners, a new Service scale. We want to contribute with this Innovation, our listeners always come safely to your destination. For our listeners that is: Before the journey, the antenna-Bavaria-App open and turned on, to be informed at any time about the current traffic situation and to be with the wrong-way driver warning is now even safer on the road.”

Sven Rühlicke (head of Digital Antenne Bayern): “The wrong-way driver warning will get the majority of our users will hopefully never have to face. It should come to this, they can save lives. I am therefore delighted that our Business Development is managed according to intensive development work, in particular with a view to the legal requirements to bring the wrong-way driver warning from the laboratory situation out successfully on Bavaria’s streets. The great cooperation with the development team of Bosch, I would like to stress at this point.”

(Image & Info: Bosch)

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