Cheap BMW cars from the Lidl car dealership?

“Can I get a BMW to be?” So it might sound soon in Lidl, the supermarket giant, with his BMW into the used car business. As the manager magazine reported, the BMW Group some of your choice of Lidl complied with and the exchange of the Black group from Audi to BMW favours. The supermarket chain, including country of purchase, and should acquire each year, approximately 10,000 vehicle from BMW. Since employees are often a company car for field service, are likely to be ordered Lidl-BMW frequently than Diesel and, thus, also to Decrease the fleet emissions.

While Lidl did not receive the previous Auto Partner Audi a discount of 42 percent, grant BMW estate even 48 per cent. After six months of use, the vehicles are to be sold as a young used car, what Lidl in Weinsberg near Heilbronn, a private car dealership wants to open. Also at this point Audi wanted to meet do not Wish the Lidl and refused to allow the Black group, the self-marketing of young used cars.

With a view to the high discounts is obvious that Audi and BMW were fighting with hard bandages to the attractive fleet customers. The people of Munich were apparently larger concessions and in return for the sale of about 10,000 units per year.

The next BMW used car, the impact from the Lidl car dealership on the prices for young vehicles, can currently only be speculated. A bargain but is expected to be be, if at Lidl in the future, conveniently purchased, and only six months of moving vehicles in the supermarket Parking lot the other way.

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