Drone Racing League: drones spectacle in the BMW world

Already in the Launch Film for the BMW 1-series Facelift in 2017 was a drone prominently in use, the Drone Racing League comes in the BMW world in Munich. The spectacular Sport with a rapid flight equipment is years, growing in popularity and is inspiring more and more people all over the world. The speed of the high-performance drones is at least as impressive as her agility, which allow for impossible maneuvers.

In the race of the Drone Racing League DRL all the fascination of the Sport is drones-to be experienced, if experienced pilots to drive each other to maximum performances and their flying machines to hunt through challenging 3D courses. BMW is the official Partner of the world Cup in 2018, and brings the fascination of Drone Racing to after Munich: On 28. July will take place at BMW world in Munich, the penultimate race of the season and also promises to all those fascinating entertainment, which have so far never pursued a drone race.

The official aircraft of the Drone Racing League, the DRL Racer X, with a measured speed of 265,87 km/h by the Guinness world record for the fastest battery-powered remote-controlled Quadrocopter. This record will soon be broken: Together with the BMW Group, the DRL is working on a further improvement in the drone for even higher speeds and is supported from the experts in the wind tunnel of the Aerodynamic test centre of the BMW Group in the North of Munich.

Jörg Reimann (head of BMW International Brand Experience): “The partnership with the DRL extends the BMW sport engagement through future-oriented formats. Drone Racing is a very competitive racing, the the teeth of extremely powerful Material, and digital technology. This is an environment in which BMW has developed in its core business for years a pioneer role. Therefore, we very much look forward to this cooperation and the new event formats that we develop together with our partners.”

Nicholas Horbaczewski (DRL-CEO): “We are looking forward to the partnership with BMW, a world-leading and innovative motorsports brand. It is an honour for us to bring the futuristic Sport of Drone Racing in the BMW world, and to write together with BMW history.”

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