February 2018: Audi, BMW and Mercedes in the sales comparison

The February 2018, was for the German Premium-car manufacturers Audi, BMW and Mercedes, once again, a month of records. All three brands increases rapidly in comparison to the previous year, and are pleased with the overall good of the opener in a year marked, among other things, thanks to the criminal tariff threats from the US President, Trump of many uncertainties. Should continue to widen the conflict around punitive tariffs for the Import of selected raw materials and goods, would be excluded from further growth and record messages for the time being.

In February 2018, the undercurrent of uncertainty is not made in the buying behavior, all three car manufacturers managed to exceed the prior-year month to around five percent. Specifically, BMW increased its sales by 5.1 per cent, MINI by as much as 10.8 percent. Mercedes sold 6.3% more vehicles, but had to report in to Smart a decline of 9.8 percent. Audi increased by 4.6 per cent and had to let the rival is a small piece of it to pull, however, the Ingolstadt-based goods in January is significantly stronger on the road than BMW and Daimler.

When looking at the core brands, Mercedes-Benz was able to defend his role as the world’s most successful Premium brand again. 163.580 Mercedes-Benz have been sold since the beginning of the year, the core brand comes to a paragraph of 356.994 units. BMW sold in February 155.328 vehicles and comes along with January on 303.738 units. Audi follows with a total of 280.050 vehicles on the third rank. If the daughter brands, MINI and Smart, the BMW Group, together 178.647 units continue to be the world’s most successful supplier of Premium automobiles. In addition, the company sold in February alone, 263 Rolls-Royce.

All three car makers have to rely on your sales figures significantly in China. The for some time been the largest single market for practically all the major car builders at Mercedes and Audi already after two months for more than 100,000 vehicles sold, in the case of BMW, there are now 98.992 units.

The economic situation should remain stable, planned all three of the German Premium provider of strong novelties for the year 2018. Completely new model series such as the BMW X2, and reprints of volume models such as Mercedes A-class and Audi A6 have the potential sales numbers to drive the remainder of the year.

Pieter Nota (member of the Board of management of BMW AG, responsible for sales and brand BMW): “The BMW brand has achieved in February, a solid sales increase of 5.1%. All main sales regions have made a positive contribution to this result. This is an important year for our popular X models: The all-new BMW X2 will be now in the trade, and at the Geneva auto show we presented last week, the all-new BMW X4. I am convinced that our X-family will rise together with the BMW X3, whose availability in the second half of the year, in the coming months, one of the main drivers of growth will remain. Another factor is the electric mobility: The increase in sales of over 40% in the first two months makes it clear that the customer receives the demand for our electrified vehicles continue to travel.”

Britta Seeger (a member of the Board of management of Daimler AG, responsible for Mercedes-Benz Cars, sales): “The 60. Sales record in a row we have reached in February with over 163.500-selling Mercedes-Benz vehicles. This success encourages us, to our customers with our products not only convince – we want to inspire you. The newly-developed four – door Mercedes-AMG GT coupe-and not only in the case of our Performance Fans on the Geneva car Salon. In Geneva, we also present the electric smart models, which belong now to the brand of EQ and show how much fun electric mobility in the city. The customers can look forward to a shorter loading time, as well as a new App related to electric mobility. A further innovation Mercedes-Benz offers the new mobility offer, “Mercedes me Flex-perience”, the customer is practically in the subscription of our vehicles can use.”

Bram Schot (Director of sales and Marketing of AUDI AG): “With the A6, we have continued the renewal of our upper-class portfolio to be at the front, now the Expansion follows. This year we are going to introduce with the Q8, and the Audi e-tron two completely new prestigious models.”

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