February 2018: BMW, Germany remains slightly below the previous year

As the start of the year, sales of BMW moves to Germany in February of 2018 at the level of the previous year. The Munich booked in January, a slight increase of 1.8 per cent, reported a slight decline of 0.7 percent. A total of were sold in February 2018 17.664 vehicles of the BMW brand. More than compensated for the slight decline from the strong increase in MINI, because the British BMW subsidiary, increased by 8.0 percent to 2,950 units.

The Gesamtmart grew by 7.4 percent, with the demand for vehicles increased with a gasoline engine. Compared to the same month last year, the diesel share increased by 25.9 percent, while Diesel demand fell by 19.5 percent. Overall, the gasoline for 62.9 percent of new Car registrations, Diesel, only 32.5 percent. Compared to February corresponds to the Diesel share to decline further, at the time, were the self-igniter for 33.3 percent of the new car market and only a few days old ruling by the Federal administrative court in Leipzig is unlikely to be a reversal of the trend in the next few months.

Furthermore, for a manageable share of the total market for vehicles with alternative drives. All 2.546 electric cars were registered in February 2018, nationwide, to stand for something less than 1.0 percent of the market. Almost exactly at eye-level the Plug-in Hybrids, are 2.559 units and also less than one percent market share. Other Hybrid without a plug to come to 5.730 units and a share of 2.2 percent. Vehicles with natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas-drive are together only for 0.4 percent of new vehicle registrations. Despite significant growth in the alternative drive systems thus remains to be noted, that the great mass of the German customers will continue to gasoline or Diesel.

In addition to BMW also Audi had to contend with a slight fall of 3.6 per cent, with 23.510 units, the Ingolstadt in Germany, but were nevertheless clear in front of the Munich. Mercedes rose in February by 0.7 percent to 21.910 units and ranks in the case of a consideration of the core brands in the third rank. If Smart, the Stuttgart-based as usual at the top of the German Premium market.

(Images and info: KBA)

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