Geneva 2018: First Live photos show the BMW M8 Gran coupe

The big Star of the Geneva auto salon in 2018 and rolled until the very end of the stage: The BMW M8 Gran coupe Concept is the dream car of all, the a worthy successor for the four-door M6 to wait. Although in this regard is still in demand patience, but the Concept Car for Geneva 2018, at least, is a very concrete Outlook on the future production vehicle. By 2020, the new BMW M8 Gran Coupé F93 is coming to the dealers, and, together with the M8 coupe and M8 Cabrio is the luxury crowning of the M-range embody.

Our Live photos show, the BMW M8 Gran coupe Concept in the specially created exterior colour “Salève Vert”, which can act according to incidence of light on a band of vibrant Green to an elegant grey-blue. Golden accents emphasize the individual elements of the vehicle and the study of special work, a Carbon roof and the black held glazing can make a further contribution to the distinctive appearance.

BMW M8 Gran coupe: Live photos from Geneva 2018-Concept

However, even if the distinctive shapes of the BMW M8 Gran coupe have to wrestle with the interesting colors to attract the attention of the viewer, you can prevail ultimately, almost effortlessly: The large double-kidney grille, sharpened headlights and the flat rear lights complement the self-consciously drawn aprons at the Front and rear. Huge air intakes in the front, large air outlets and a massive diffuser at the rear to much you can the four-door BMW M8 will certainly not.

As we can expect for the BMW M8 F93 a motor power of over 600 HP, there is no reason for restraint. Just like the technology-donor M5 F90, the four-door M8 will feature the all-wheel drive M xDrive, and hardly more than three seconds for the Sprint from 0 to 100 km/h. Despite all the Performance, all of the Understatement may be friends for sure, that the serial version of the BMW M8 Gran coupe 2020 will act a little braver than the study for the Geneva auto salon in 2018.

Our Live photos show, the Concept Car in the minutes after its world premiere in the framework of the BMW press conference in Geneva:

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