Geneva 2018: Live photos of the BMW M550d Touring in azurite black

At the Geneva auto salon in 2018, of course, the strongest in Munich orderable BMW 5 series Touring G31 is a must. Will be taken the unofficial title from the BMW M550d Touring, because the offer of a M550i or even M5 in the multi-Format BMW dispensed as is known. If you still want to drive a 5-series G31 with a V8 petrol engine, is in Buchloe find it and can pick up the Alpina B5 Touring.

However, regardless of the fact that there are theoretically even stronger G31, is the BMW M550d Touring is anything other than a child of sadness. Six-cylinder Diesel with a Quad turbo powered by a 400-HP series-Diesel-the BMW M550d is one of the absolute regulars on the left of the track – it unites superior Performance with large operating range and a high level of comfort on long-haul. And: A comparably powerful Diesel in its Segment far and wide in vain.

Presented in Geneva, BMW M550d Touring G31 shines in the Individual paint nish in azurite black Metallic and shows that Black doesn’t have to be always black. 20-inch light-alloy wheels in Custom Design V-spoke 759, and of course the sporting elements of the BMW M Performance Automobiles in a typical Cerium Grey exterior make it even more special.

In the interior of the vehicle bears the Nappa leather trim in ivory white, and therefore especially precious. At the same time the BMW M550d Touring, thanks to its 400 HP and 760 Newton metres of torque, as well as the four-wheel drive xDrive with fully variable distribution of power is able to accelerate within 4.6 seconds from a standstill to 100 km/h. The maximum speed is limited as usual to 250 km/h.

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