Geneva 2018: Live photos of the BMW Z4-harbingers of Toyota Supra J29

Directly from the Geneva car salon in 2018, we can deliver the first Live photos of the new Toyota GM Supra Racing Concept. The study is also from a BMW point of view is exciting, because the sports coupe was developed in Munich and is virtually a twin of the new BMW Z4 G29. However, while the Roadster of BMW will have to wait a couple of weeks of its unveiling, the show the sports car involved in the project are Japanese now, in a very practical preview on your Interpretation of the theme. In the case of the in Geneva presented the racing version of Gazoo Racing, the topic of Motorsport is evident in the focus.

The series cars of Toyota Supra J29 and BMW Z4 G29 will share the wheelbase and the essential elements of the body and drive train, both manufacturers promise but, nevertheless, a completely distinct appearance. In addition to the most obvious difference is that the Supra only available as a coupe the launch of the Z4 just as a Roadster should also be the rest of the Design of the exterior and interior, completely independently.

Powered Toyota Supra and the BMW Z4 Roadster of BMW engines with four and six cylinders. Most models will use variants of the turbocharged four-cylinder B48, only the top models like the BMW Z4 M40i have access to the in-line six-cylinder B58 with at least 360 HP.

The Supra-study at the Geneva auto salon 2018 provides some clues to the production car is but obvious more of a Motorsport Vision as a base model: only the large rear wing makes it clear that the variants are street-legal in many of the Details are much tamer.

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