Geneva 2018: Live show photos BMW M2 Edition Black Shadow

May be’s still a bit darker? All in Black, the BMW M2 Edition Black Shadow presents at the Geneva auto salon in 2018 the dark side of the compact athlete. The special model for the Finale of the original M2-package is available from April 2018 and will only be for a relatively short period of time can be ordered, because this summer, the unofficial successor to the previous M2 with the stronger, and, once again, resharpened BMW M2 Competition.

Our Live photos of the special edition show, of course, in sapphire black, because this color is not available for the BMW M2 Edition Black Shadow. Black kidneys, rims and tailpipes, as well as exterior-accents in dark Carbon underscore that this vehicle is no place for bright colors – except for the blue painted calipers, which can provide lighting for a certain amount of demarcation from the deep black appearance.

The addictive technology package to the BMW M2 is also included in the Edition Black Shadow unchanged. The in-line six-cylinder makes 370 HP and offers a maximum torque of 500 Newton-metres – 465 Newton-meters are permanently available, a further 35 Newton-meters can be used by Overboost for short Sprints and facilitate spontaneous Overtaking.

Just like all the other BMW M2, the Edition Black Shadow is available with either a manual six-speed gearbox or 7-speed M DCT. As a hand switch of the M2 brings 25 kilograms less on the scale, is the Sprint from a standstill to 100 but still a bit slower: 4.3 seconds of the M2 with dual-clutch transmission, 4.5 seconds in the data sheet of the M2 with a manual transmission offers. The maximum speed is limited in the case of both variants is 250 km/h.

More important than the driving performance on straight track, the superior lateral dynamics, and especially fun to drive on curvy surface is, the majority of customers, however. Thanks to the largely unchanged from the M3 and M4 acquired chassis technology, well-balanced weight distribution and, of course, the classic rear-wheel drive, the BMW M2 will move among the predominantly top-heavy compact sport learning from other manufacturers virtually out of competition.

For the exclusive BMW M2 Edition Black Shadow, which is built only for a short period of time and, therefore, no large numbers will be reached, calls the M GmbH for a price of 66.350 Euro.

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