Last Chance: end of the BMW M140i hand switch


All lovers of classic fun to drive machine, the flirt longer with the purchase of a BMW M140i hand switch, should give up their reluctance in a timely manner: According to our information, the manual gearbox for the BMW M140i is deleted before the end of the life cycle of the current 1-series Generation F20 from the program, a choice of only the anyway of most of the customers preferred the eight-speed automatic.

The changeover is not expected to have from Munich’s point of view, two causes that are friends purist Compact sports car anyway: thanks to the switch to WLTP, the BMW M140i will be retrofitted in the fall with a gasoline particulate filter that is connected to the end of the life cycle, with relevant costs. At this point, the target reduction of the variation of wealth is added, which is why such investment is not only for such models are also sold in large numbers.

Right here, customers of the BMW M140i will eventually come into play, because the hand switch is clearly ordered rare as the eight-speed automatic. An indication of the M240i coupe, which can no longer be ordered due to low demand since last summer, with a manual six-speed transmission. At the time, said project Manager Armin Hildisch in the Facelift-Interview on the grounds that the proportion of the hand switch last for less than 10 percent.

Although the proportion of manual M140i was then still higher, high enough for a continuation of the offer, but he was apparently. Also for the BMW M140i hand switch, which has already prepared the other models with manual transmissions came to an abrupt end: There are some purists who can’t imagine buying a sporty Compact car with automatic transmission – the great mass decides, but for the convenience and the superior properties of modern eight-speed automatic: No switching to work in city traffic, lower fuel consumption and better driving performance automatic transmission have in recent years made a sport riders increasingly popular choice.

For all that can start with nothing and for nothing more desirable than a sportsman with in-line six-cylinder, balanced weight distribution, rear-wheel drive and three pedals in the footwell, we have at this point a well-intentioned note: Waiting is no longer an Option. In a few weeks, the opportunity will be a BMW M140i hand switch and one of the entertaining athletes in the most Compact order of our time, for ever past.

Who needs a last Motivation, should take a look at our photos of the BMW M140i Special Edition Shadow Look. The black Design elements for the exterior and the darkened headlights together to create a Look that can convince both in combination with light or with dark paint. And in the interior there are since the last model update from last summer, a speedometer in Black Panel Design, a Touchscreen with a modern Infotainment features, including the iDrive with Live tiles on the main menu, and of course, the new instrument panel Design of the new 2-series.

We apologize that the photos show a vehicle with automatic transmission selector lever and shift paddles on the steering Wheel.

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