Official: BMW and Mercedes clubs DriveNow and car2go

The sparrows whistle it from the roofs, now the cooperation between BMW and Daimler, as well as DriveNow and car2go is officially confirmed. The two car manufacturers will join forces and together an even stronger offering with resounding solutions for the urban mobility of the future. A common Ecosystem to bundle the DriveNow car2go offers for Car – Sharing, Ride-Hailing, Parking, Charging, and multi-modality, and for the customer from a common Ecosystem out intuitive and comfortable to use.

As soon as the approval of the competent competition exists, authorities should unite in a Joint-Venture for the mobility services of both companies. Both the BMW Group and Daimler each hold 50 percent in the new joint venture. Together, BMW and Daimler want to be one of the leading providers of innovative mobility services and the future of mobility in large cities and metropolises shape. Offers such as car-sharing fleets of electric cars and the charging stations also promote the sustainability of mobility.

For the customers of DriveNow and car2go initially, nothing will change, you can use the services exactly as before. Specifically, the following services are planned:

  1. Multimodal and On-Demand Mobility with moovel and ReachNow: The intelligent and seamless networking of various Mobility services, including booking and payment – a great value for the users. In addition, the multi-modal platform solution approaches for the challenges of the urban private transport.
  2. CarSharing with Car2Go and DriveNow: Car2Go and DriveNow have a total of 20,000 vehicles in 31 international cities. Car-sharing allows to increase the utilization of vehicles and thus to the reduction of the total number of vehicles in the cities. More than four million customers are already using these car-sharing services.
  3. Ride-Hailing with mytaxi, Chauffeur-Privé, Clever Taxi and Beat: With Europe’s largest Taxi App is a Taxi order or in France, a licensed driver for a ride in the French metropolises. A total of 13 million customers, and around 140,000 drivers use the modern, practical and fast way of Ride-Hailing with mytaxi, Clever Taxi and Beat as well as the mediator, Chauffeur Privé. Innovative offerings such as mytaxi match in unknown people to share finger-tip a Taxi, make an important contribution to the reduction of intra-urban traffic, by numerous individual journeys in urban areas redundant.
  4. Parking with ParkNow and Park mobile Group/Park mobile LLC: Ticket – and cash-free Parking on the roadside, or Search for, Reserve and Pay for Parking in Parking garages. The innovative, digital Park service, thus reducing the time and number of trips, spend search of people for Parking space and thus reduces the traffic volume significantly. Because the Park search traffic is now about 30% of city traffic.
  5. Charging with ChargeNow and Digital Charging Solutions: ease of access (Find, Download, Pay) to the largest network of public charging stations with more than 143.000 charging points in the world. Together with privileged Parking in cities, this supports the Expansion of electric mobility. It allows people to integrate electric mobility more easily in your mobility needs, and this form of drive.

Harald Krüger (Chairman of the Board of management of BMW AG): “The BMW Group is shaping the mobility of the future. In doing so, we are going down completely new paths. Our Strategy NUMBER ONE – > NEXT records the future path of the BMW Group in a digital and emission-free future. The planned bundling of our mobility services in a digital Ecosystem is unique. With this Alliance, we facilitate our customers with the entry in the emission-free mobility in the future. In the competition for the best Premium vehicles, we remain competitors. With the planned consolidation of our mobility services, we put a sign in the direction of new competitors and combine our forces.”

Dieter Zetsche (Chairman of the Board of management of Daimler AG and head of Mercedes-Benz Cars): “As pioneers of automotive engineering, we will not be left to other the box when it comes to the urban mobility of the future. In the future there are more people than today, the refrain in the urban space in a private car, but still very mobile. In order to develop a unique, sustainable Ecosystem for urban mobility, we want to combine our Expertise and experience. At Daimler, we push the tag from the car manufacturer to a mobility service provider with our CASE strategy, powerfully and consistently. CASE stands for connectivity, automated Driving, Sharing & Services and electric mobility.”

Peter Schwarzenbauer (member of the Board of management of BMW AG, responsible for MINI, Rolls-Royce, BMW Motorrad, customer experience and Digital Business Innovation BMW Group): “The future of mobility lies in the cities. The key to liveable cities is an intelligent and seamless Service in the use and combination of sustainable transport and mobility services. The staff of our Services have placed, through their pioneering work and commitment to the Foundation and for that I thank you very much.”

Bodo Uebber (member of the Board of Daimler AG for Finance & Controlling and Daimler Financial Services): “The sustainable mobility of tomorrow is flexible, and networked. This is the Vision we share as a Partner of the BMW Group. Together, we can make millions of customers with highly attractive offers that make your life easier and your surroundings more liveable. The offer of the proposed Joint venture model will also complement the mobility services of the metropolises.”

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