RAID at BMW: Diesel Software in the focus of the Prosecutor’s office

As a logical consequence of the errors is BMW sticking with Diesel Software, has visited the Prosecutor’s office in Munich today, the BMW group headquarters, the engine plant in Steyr and the research and innovation centre of the BMW Group and in the context of a RAID, numerous documents secured. The Prosecutor goes after the initial suspicion of Manipulation of emission values, resulting from the incorrect Software Version for vehicles with the previous Triturbo-Diesel. Today was RAID is not based on new findings of the investigating authorities, but the for several weeks, the well-known Problem.

The BMW Group is cooperating fully with the authorities to provide the Prosecutor with all the documents available. So the suspicion of a conscious Manipulation of the Diesel exhaust gas values is to be invalidated. As BMW has already several weeks ago, communicates, and is expressly not a Mistake. Human error has led to vehicles with Triturbo-Diesel, and the NOx storage catalytic Converter have a Software that was only intended for vehicles with Triturbo-Diesel, and a combination of SCR exhaust gas purification and NOx-storage catalytic Converter.

The Problem is noticed, BMW is already a few months ago in the case of internal investigations, and in coordination with the competent authorities of a recall should be launched. Before this recall could be approved by the Federal motor transport authority, had to be put on the Software again to the local technicians. Once the callback has been approved, informed the affected customers in writing and to attend a workshop are asked. Overall, world’s only is 11,700 vehicles are affected, you can stand in front of these backgrounds according to current knowledge neither of a conscious and much less of a blanket Manipulation of emission values by the BMW Group to speak.

Is practically certain that the members of the management Board of the BMW Group are going to make in the context of the tomorrow’s balance sheet press conference for more Statements on the subject.

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