Thomas Schemera: Hyundai gets BMW Manager to Korea

With Thomas Schemera, another previously high-ranking BMW moves employees to the Korean car maker Hyundai. Last Schemera between 2015 and 2018 as North American head of BMW M and BMW Individual for the Munich, in use, a total he was, since 1987, in many different positions for the BMW Group. At Hyundai Schemera is 1. March, the newly launched Division’s High Performance Vehicle & Motorsport lead, with the help of the Koreans want to create the connection in a particularly prestigious Segment.

As Executive Vice President, and Thomas Schemera will report to an old friend: His superior is none other than Albert Biermann, leaves BMW M already a few years ago in the direction of Korea, and now as President of High Performance Vehicle Development for Hyundai. The first product of the Korean Sport-Offensive is the Compact sports car Hyundai i30 N, but seem to be only the beginning of a much wider programme.

Thomas Schemera (Executive Vice President of Hyundai’s High Performance Vehicle & Motorsport): “I am thrilled at Hyundai with a strong Team of new, high-performance vehicles to be able to a wide audience. I’m going to bring my Hyundai in 30 years of professional experience to provide our customers with the driving pleasure you would expect from a sporty Hyundai.”

Albert Biermann (President, Hyundai High-Performance Vehicle Development): “Thomas Schemera is one of the most renowned experts in the high performance automotive business with experience in all major markets of the world. He will contribute to the High Performance vehicles from Hyundai will travel anywhere in the world on the fast Lane.”

(Images & Info: Hyundai)

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