US punitive duties: the BMW looks, thanks to Spartanburg to be well positioned

Up until a few days was completely uncontroversial, that nobody can have any interest in a trade war. However, since the US President, Trump high punitive tariffs to protect the domestic economy into the game, nothing seems impossible. Already high tariffs on aluminum and steel would take the BMW and all the other members of the global auto industry, but in the war of words between Trump and the EU is also criminal do not seem to be excluded in the tariffs for complete vehicles longer.

It should actually come to the appropriate duties, feels the BMW Group thanks to the large plant Spartanburg in the US state of South Carolina, at least, relatively well positioned. In the framework of the Geneva auto salon in 2018, adding, BMW CEO Harald Krüger in the German newspaper Handelsblatt that the risk and said that appropriate duties are not simply by decree of the President decided be could and Trump previously, also a lot of resistance in his own party to overcome.

It should come nevertheless, so far, looks Krüger BMW, but after all, is in the best Position of all relevant competitors. At the BMW plant in Spartanburg the big X are known to be models X3, X4, X5 and X6 are built, soon, a further series comes with the X7.

The quantities of the work Prior to make the BMW Group the largest car exporter in the United States, which in the case of mutual punitive tariffs and the disadvantage would be, at the same time: the Spartanburg-built X would not be affected-models for the US market, possibly for Export to Europe and Asia, certain vehicles due to import duties but would be in the markets affected.

Since neither the scale nor the specific nature of any punitive tariffs reticle, but also the consequences are unforeseeable. Sure is only, that may actually wish no one such a conflict between the United States and the Rest of the world.

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