3D printing in Oberschleißheim: BMW Campus for Additive manufacturing

Today, the BMW Group components from the 3D printer in the series sets in vehicles, in the future, the importance of additive manufacture of selected components is significantly greater. With the new Campus for Additive manufacturing in oberschleissheim BMW is building a centre of excellence to expand the company’s lead in this area of automotive engineering. Beginning in 2019, the new Campus is to be opened, first of all, are investing around 10 million euros and 80 employees.

In the Campus oberschleissheim the possibilities of 3D to be explored-pressure for the vehicle and nothing more. If in the Campus new technologies of additive manufacturing for series production have been developed, these can also be put to other works. In addition to testing Parts for prototypes and customized components for selected customers vehicles are growing in importance also for complex series production parts. The additive-manufactured aluminum-Element for the roof construction of the BMW i8 Roadster is only the beginning.

Udo Hänle (head of production integration and pre-production work): “On the Additive Manufacturing Campus, we will focus in the future, the entire technological expertise of the BMW Group in the 3D-printing process at a site. This allows us to test new technologies at an early stage, and our pioneering role to continue to expand.”

Jens Ertel (Director of the Additive Manufacturing Center of the BMW Group and the future Director of the Campus): “The new site is a huge milestone in additive manufacturing at the BMW Group. Both in plastic and in the metal area we will evaluate existing and new technologies and to the production stage. The goal is for every purpose, be it to pay for small pieces, individual parts, or even for serial production – the technology and process chain.
The BMW i8 Roadster, the BMW Group became the first automobile manufacturer in the 3D printing process in metal area in a series production of several thousand pieces. The new part from the 3D printer is located on the Soft-Top roof, the BMW i8 Roadster and serves as a bracket to the top cover.“

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