AutoCar Video comparison: BMW M5 F90 vs. Mercedes-AMG E 63 S

In one of the first in-depth Video comparison tests with the participation of the BMW M5 F90, Bayer meets the Mercedes-AMG E 63 S. The British AutoCar lets her two editors Matt Prior and Dan Prosser in detail about the two sedans from Germany speak, are in many respects remarkably similar. Both in their latest Generation V8 Biturbo under the hood, and use a highly developed all-wheel drive for the transmission of power.

In spite of all-wheel drive, it is both in the BMW M5 F90, as well as with the Mercedes-AMG E 63 S possible to turn the vehicle at the push of a button in a rear-wheel drive. Always then, if the maximum thrill is more important than sovereign Arrive in everyday life, this mode is an exciting Option. As we mentioned in our in-depth BMW M5 F90-minute report to have written, believe but also the testers of the AutoCar, that the majority of the customers of this Option very rarely make use of.

Because in spite of their 600 or even a 612 HP is completely indisputable, that it is in the BMW M5 F90 and Mercedes-AMG E 63 S vehicles for everyday life. Most customers want a sedan that exudes in everyday life, extreme sovereignty, and far superior driving offers benefits, you are looking for but first and foremost, to be a substitute for the often in the Garage the sports car. The Superiority in everyday life, also the best possible power transmission, which makes the driver slightly, the full potential of the 600 HP to take advantage of besides brute force of course.

This is exactly the claim of a simple drivability, and completely unrestricted suitability for everyday use characterises the BMW M5 F90. Particularly significantly, the approach using the example of the Sound-button on the centre console: Who here expected the activation of a fair mode, is greatly mistaken: On the push of a button the M5 will be quieter and thus more enjoyable on long rides stretch. The M GmbH has taken into consideration a frequent customer request, because of course it is also available for M5 customers days and situations in which a loud roaring engine is not desired.

The Plus of everyday comfort is ultimately for the two Englishmen the scales in favour of the BMW M5 F90. Since the two Germans are in many aspects similar, and both extreme Performance can offer, it is at the end of a character-question of the power of the M5 from the point of view of the Tester to the “best super-saloon on sale.”

By the way: anyone Who sees the M5 primarily as a sports car and in the everyday life of a couple of compromises, you will get with the 625 HP strong BMW M5 Competition this year, a further Alternative.

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