BMW 30e, 40e, 50e: batteries for up to 700 km range

The electrification of a large part of the BMW model range, flexible solutions in the area of the battery and the drive requires, is obvious. If, in the future, almost all of the models from the BMW X1 to the BMW 7-series not only as a Plug-in Hybrid, but, in many cases, as the electric car will be available to cover a unit of solution will never suit all needs. Automotive News Europe now wants concrete Numbers have experienced and reports that the BMW electric cars in essence, on three different battery packages.

Accordingly, a 30e is called a battery marked package with a capacity of 60 kilowatt-hours of entry into the new electric Generation of cars from BMW. Up to 450 km range, according to the WLTP should be possible and the needs of most customers. Who regularly need more range, with the 40e package, a 90 kWh battery pack and up to 550 km range. At the upper end of the range, the 50e manoeuvring models equipped with a 120 kWh battery capacity, and a maximum of 700 km range.

Of course, the range depends not only on the capacity of the selected battery pack, but also of the class of vehicle. In order to save space and weight, all the battery are not reasons, packages for all the vehicle categories available, the larger packages will remain so in any case, the larger vehicle classes. The fits to the typical driving performance of the customer, because in the smaller vehicle classes, the need for a particularly large Empire keeps in limits.

The greatest range of flexibility, offer Plug-in Hybrids, BMW’s iPerformance, which will be offered nation-wide for all series. Thanks to more powerful batteries with greater capacity, the Plug is to offer-in Hybrids in the future, up to 100 km WLTP-range and, thus, many of our customers commute several days between the home address and office without interim Recharging.

Automotive News Europe reports that BMW iNext 2021 could come as the BMW i9 in the trade. In addition to a purely electric drive of this vehicle should be also an innovation for the Autonomous Driving, and is intended to show what is at the beginning of the next decade in this regard. Up to 2025, including the already-confirmed models, iX3, i4 and i9, a total of 12 all-electric models will be in the Portfolio of the BMW Group. To this date, electric cars and Plug-in Hybrids for 15 to 25 percent of the worldwide sales of the BMW Group.

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