BMW 8er coupe: BMW M850i xDrive comes with over 500 HP

While the new BMW 8er G15 rotates as a whole, have reached us new information about the BMW M850i. The M Performance variant of the 8-seater Coupé and convertible in the shadow of the M8, but also a very confident motorized vehicle. While current M Performance models with V8 Biturbo significantly under 500 HP will remain, should go to the BMW M850i according to our information, up to 530 HP at the Start and in a new Performance League for the everyday positioned M advance models.

Like most of the other M Performance Automobiles, the BMW M850i 2018 series should be standard with all-wheel drive xDrive equipped. Thanks to the tremendous increase in performance of the V8-Biturbo strong enough to accelerate the BMW M850i xDrive in under four seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. Many of the customers an exciting Alternative to the M8, which promises to be both technically and visually more dynamic.

The role of the BMW M850i xDrive is clearly defined: a little less Performance in everyday life, but without the disadvantages of a consistent track-alignment. Because while the BMW M8 will certainly also impress with the lap times and at least at the level of the new M5 on the road is likely to be, play around times for the M850i-target group no significant role.

Regardless of the engine, the new BMW 8 G15 is supposed to be a luxury coupe, leaving almost no wishes unfulfilled. On Board, a maximum of four occupants enjoy not only the most exclusive materials and first class workmanship, but also the benefits of the new Infotainment system BMW iDrive 7.0. Amenities such as two large Displays with razor-sharp resolution, and a full-color Head-up Display with a large display area of, numerous assistance systems relieve the driver of monotonous long-distance trips.

As BMW CEO Harald Krüger already several times officially confirmed, will celebrate the BMW 8 this year, its market launch. To the side of the coupe will be already occur a short time later the BMW 8er Cabrio, which is also considered to be M850i xDrive available. For maximum Performance will also be the BMW M8 is available that is clearly sent to more than 600 HP to its four wheels and thus to the strongest series-production BMW ever upgrade.

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