BMW ConnectedDrive: Faster to more info, thanks to 5G

The networking and the quality of as real-time data available to play in the car. With the 5G Standard, the transmission rates are again increased by a multiple, opening also the BMW ConnectedDrive range of new possibilities. Latencies of only one millisecond and the total is considerably more reliable connection needed to be able to the ever-growing volume of data by more and more users to cope with.

Even in 2019, the mobile communications Standard, 5G will be for commercial use, available from 2020, the first production vehicles of the BMW Group to use the potential of the new technology. While most customers use the Internet connection of your smartphone for Entertainment functions, it goes in the car to safety. BMW ConnectedDrive receives with 5G more options for the networking of vehicles with each other (Car-to-Car), but also to network with other data sources, such as the traffic infrastructure (Car-to-X communication).

With 5G, it will be possible, for example, to update HD card material extremely quickly, so as to keep always up-to-date. The allows for almost real-time communication with other vehicles to alert extremely quickly against possible hazards and simultaneously stream Videos in HD quality and transmitted via a Wi-Fi Hotspot on the mobile devices of the occupants. 5G, the Network Slicing for these very different applications of technology that allows for prioritization of data – for example, you can ensure that Entertainment content, ensure never to a delayed arrival of the safety-relevant data.

Not least of all, the transfer rates of 5G of great importance for Autonomous Driving. For the communication of vehicles among themselves and with all the Information with the latest data, the reliability and speed of 5G are essential. BMW already profit driver thanks to ConnectedDrive of up-to-date warnings of accidents, fog, heavy rain and other dangers, in addition, information will be transmitted to gas stations or Parking lots. Also over-the-air Updates of the System Software and the map material, are integrated for years in production vehicles. With the output wireless more standard extends the possibilities in this respect, again significantly, which will give the customers additional advantages.

How extensive is the underlying technology is today and how Dense the data network is of only 24 hours, BMW ConnectedDrive-use in European countries, the following maps show very clearly:

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