BMW Driving Experience in the new BMW M5: M Intensive Training with 600 HP

Our excursion into unexplored dimensions of driving physics begins to quite down-to-earth with chicken breast and potatoes. Dinner on the eve of the BMW M Intensive training – light food before it gets to the middle lausitzring seriously. With us at the table with a Portuguese, a Belgian and an Egyptian sitting. All three share a passion for sporty BMW models, and all three deny the daily way to work with a BMW M4. Driver training the BMW Driving Experience do you have with the optional M Driver’s Package from the factory ordered. “The M4 is our family car,” says the Belgian, and proves that there is also with two small children Alternatives to the classic family SUV you want really.

After a short night we meet the next Morning bright and Early at the Lausitzring. The pit lane in the shadow of the empty spectator stands resembles with the clean lined training cars a dream Playground. Behind the well-known M4 models in colorful Individual finishes of the new addition to the BMW Driving Experience fleet: the new BMW M5. Only since a few days, the 600-HP sports sedan with the much-vaunted variable all-wheel drive for the M Intensive training at an additional cost choice.

Full throttle and full braking – characteristic learning games in the M5-style

Our instructor, Ex-rally Pilot Lars Mysliewietz, calls together the small group of today’s M5 driver and explains the perfect Seating position for a day on the race track: wide at the top and close to the steering Wheel. “If you now have the feeling that your grandmother is driving a car, then I can only say: damn cool grandma.” The deep rumble of the sports exhaust system swallowed the laughter in the audience, draped in anticipation of the open driver’s door. Then it gets serious.

We stand at the start line to the first driving exercise. A characteristic of learning the game in the M5 style, full throttle and full braking, on the way back for a more leisurely Slalom, the correct training steering technique. 3,4 seconds in the Sprint on pace to be a Hundred, says the data sheet. “Jonas, you’re up”, reports Lars, by radio.

Completely immediately under the 4.4-Liter V8 that binds our just clear thoughts. 750 Newton-metres of claws under deep Growl in the Asphalt of the Lausitz ring. With brutal, uncompromising vehemence, the almost two-ton sedan shoots in a different Dimension, in which the applicable physical laws is not obviously so serious. “Brakes!”. Under ABS-staccato we delay us back to reality.

Already on the first meters of the today’s training day the first M5 with all-wheel drive as a sheer force of nature is revealed, as a powerful high-performance athlete that Occurs when courageous on the accelerator the basic character of a fashion Business-sedan ansatzlos shake. Please, that doesn’t sound convincing? The new M5 has its very own methods to bring rear-wheel-drive enthusiasts to the doubters on his side. Who is the dynamic, rear-heavy design, and the significant Grip increase is not enough on the front wheels, there is a special Option in the DSC menu: “all-wheel drive configure”. Then you can switch via the iDrive Controller, and the M5 is to the classic rear-wheel drive.

We are now at one of the small fountains besprenkelten wet circle on the middle Dekra test site and a further M5-core discipline let Lars explain – controlled cross traffic, with and without all-wheel drive. Both Drift-options we want to try today. The comparison starts Old-School, rear-wheel-range: 20 km/h in the wet circle drive, turn the wheel, pedal to the metal and the drift angle then with deliberate, rhythmic changes of the throttle stick control. It works intuitively and playfully, at least up to the point where you start thinking about. Then you turn. Immediately.

Still unaccustomed to the Exercise in the conventional four-wheel drive mode feels. Everything here works in a similar way, only reversed: you have to go from the Gas to increase the drift angle. After a few rounds on a knife-edge and spectacular turning deposits of all the M5-pilots we agree in the common conclusion that drifting, regardless of which type of drive, a absolute workout sports. Soothing moments as a Lars gives us grinning right.

The rest of the morning we spend with various driving exercises, built up by the instructors on each of the sections of the Lausitz ring. Full braking in a curve at 100 km/h (“imagine there’s a tree on the country road”), as well as evasive manoeuvres across multiple lanes (“imagine, a package vices to lose in front of you its charge”). A Slalom-course with time-measurement is one of the Exercises and awakens the competitive spirit of the participants.

Pace car laps on the lausitzring: the Highlight of The BMW M Intensive Training

It is surprising how quickly you get used to the never-ending reserves of power and the smooth Handling of the new BMW M5. With each Exercise, the vehicle control is improved, with every Meter, you will.a bit self-conscious at the wheel of the Power-sedan – and collects important experiences that shape at the end of the car-everyday life off the race track, much safer

After the lunch break, Lars calls out the Highlight of the BMW M Intensive training: Guided pace car laps on the entire route. We roll in the leisurely pace out of the pit lane, Lars anticipated in the Ferrari-red Individual M5.

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