BMW i3 and BMW i8: Still no decision for the successor

The already repeatedly advertised ability to be able to all of the BMW series as a electric car to offer, it could mean the end for BMW i3 and BMW i8. The two pioneers of the sub-brand BMW i, which have made the company one of the pioneers of electric mobility, fit with your stand-alone architectures, and according to a few not quite so good in the future model Portfolio. Stefan Juraschek, in a conversation with Automotive News has confirmed, the decision for or against a successor of the two electric-a pioneer not yet fallen.

The significantly better odds on a successor has according to our information, the BMW i8, which occupies as a modern, progressive and innovative sports car, a clear special role. In the case of electrically powered vehicles for the city, it will be in the Portfolio of the BMW Group, however, already in the foreseeable future, several Alternatives to the BMW i3, the new MINI E 2019 is the starting shot. That against this Background, there is no second Generation of the BMW i3 is planned, would be quite plausible.

With the aim of reducing the variety of models within the company’s BMW i3 and BMW i8 fit only partially into the picture: “These vehicles are very unique. Both vehicles were not designed as a family, we can extend in different directions or of of the we 5 or 10 derivatives can be derived.”

The new architecture of the BMW Group, will greatly offer more flexibility and allows significantly faster and more cost to respond more efficiently to changes in demand. BMW is planning to construct all of the major series, so that they can be built on the same Band as an electric car, a Plug-in Hybrid or conventional internal combustion engine. Depending on your needs, may be the right concept offered, without in the worst case, tapes are available for a concept still, while other bands are overwhelmed and the demand may not operate in a reasonable time frame.

With BMW iX3, BMW iNext and BMW i4 are already three other i-models for the beginning of the next decade, announced that more models will follow. The strategy is evident other than at the beginning of the current decade, as the BMW i3 and i8 were designed: Instead of stand-alone architectures with relatively small Overlap with the Rest of the model range is the BMW iX3 and BMW i4 electric versions of vehicles with other concepts available or will be available.

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