BMW iDrive 7.0: OS the next-Generation arrives in 2018

With the BMW X5 G05 also the new BMW iDrive 7.0 – debuts at the end of 2018, the officially BMW Operating System 7.0-called Infotainment System-will be rolled out in the following months across the Board for all models and, for example, also in the new BMW 3-series G20. In comparison with the current iDrive Generation with Live tiles on the main menu, iDrive 7.0 should be even more attuned to the current needs of the user and thereby continuously to adjust the Situation. A clear, purist appearance meets intuitive ease of use and optimal use of the various Displays of the vehicle. As before, the Info Display behind the steering Wheel, the Control Display in the centre console and the optional Head-up Display, clearly assigned roles.

The new BMW iDrive 7.0 automatically highlights the information for the drivers of particular interest. This can be, depending on the driving situation, for example, navigation instructions, but also changes in speed Limits or Entertainment content. With the Operating System 7.0 BMW dissolves in the Info-Display of the classic round instruments and changes to the middle open, clasp-shaped design elements. The new form of representation has already been indicated in the Cockpit of the Concept car to BMW X7, 8, and Z4, and opens up new possibilities in the middle area of the Info-display. Here will be displayed in the future, for example, navigation content, which will show the further course of the journey, and the relevant environment. In the left of the clip information to assistance systems, in addition to the current speed, on the right is also about consumption, Entertainment content, and playful elements, we have a G-Meter to display the lateral acceleration, in addition to the speed.

In further developed Form of the Head-up Display with BMW’s iDrive 7.0 / OS 7.0 on a still larger display area. The presentation of the information should be structured in addition, yet clearer and clearer. As before, the Head-up Display scores so that the for the driver, just the relevant information will be directly projected into his field of view, and not capture, therefore, not only fast, but also very ablenkungsarm can be perceived – the view of the driver remains on the road and not have to adjust to the much closer-positioned information Display.

A basic concept of exchange, the representation of the navigation map displays in the Info Display between speed and rpm braces. The future of 12.3-inch Control Display in the centre of the dashboard is thus still more to the Entertainment Display, and this is addressed to the occupants of the vehicle. The displayed content can be freer than ever before to configure per page can be displayed in various layout three to four tiles (Pads) with Live content. A total of up to ten pages with different tiles can be designed individually, in order to have always the view of the driver to each other belonging to the information in the view. All the Displays are customized in your style with each other and change the color and type of representation, depending on the driving mode.

The System is designed for a Touch operation, there are several alternative input methods continue to be choice: in Addition to the touch screen, there are the tried-and-tested iDrive Controller, and the still relatively young field of gesture control, the functionality will be expanded to seven freely assignable Gestures. Significantly, the control was developed, the understand, thanks to Natural Language Understanding is still more natural language and also learned the commands to use to voice. In some menus, the display changes depending on the selected input method is: you did not enter an address by voice, appears on the Display and a keyboard for simple Touch input. The driver using the iDrive Controller, the view switches to the familiar circular view with alphabetical arrangement of the letters.

Many more Details to the functions and functioning of the new BMW iDrive 7.0 will reveal the developer in the framework of the world premiere of the BMW X5 G05. Then also those interested in the next 3-series and other models should be listening from construction year 2019, because the refreshed Infotainment System is, as mentioned, the new Standard in the interior.

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