BMW Urban Store Kent: buy cars as in the Apple Store

In Kent a few days ago, the first English BMW Urban Store was opened. The young concept clearly shows how the car has changed commercially in the last few years, and that today things are possible that were a few years ago, more or less unthinkable – for example, a car dealership, which is integrated in an ordinary shopping center. In the style of Apple Stores, the BMW Urban Store in Kent on a compelling presentation of selected products and specifically trained sales personnel.

Eight to the Product Genius-trained employees to respond to the visitors of the BMW Urban Store numerous questions and provide you with the travel to the often rather on the outskirts of the nearby classic car dealerships to spare. Especially customers who have little time and therefore not in the mood for a targeted trip to the dealership, can find out quickly about news and, for example, by the interior of the BMW X2 convince.

With a little wink you could look at the Store of course as a play area for men and women who do not want to accompany their companions every step of the way in the shopping center. In any case, the BMW Urban Store can attract in the Shopping Mall some customers that otherwise might not have hardly happened to be in a BMW dealership.

A whole range of iPads is available, in order to inform the visitors about the latest products and developments relating to the BMW Group. Because in the comparatively small Urban Store, only a few vehicles in natura can be shown that the instruments for the virtual presentation of a particularly important role. At the opening of the store X2, 2 series Gran Tourer and 1 series will be to see the on-site vehicles are replaced on a regular basis.

BMW-entice customers into the Store and to inform them about the possible successor for your vehicle, there is a particularly tasty incentive: At the Isetta Bar of the Urban Stores, each visitor receives a free coffee with his BMW key and can show for it.

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