BMW X1 xDrive25e: Plug-in Hybrid to the X1 F48 Facelift 2019

Since its debut in the fall of 2015 BMW X1 F48 has developed to an absolute Bestseller, and has already generated countless success stories all over the world. Nevertheless, the time will pass not unnoticed by the second Generation of the Compact SUV, which is why already at the beginning of next year, the BMW X1 Facelift 2019 is pending. Corresponding prototypes are not yet on the road, but the Emergence of the first photos is only a matter of time.

Our reader Sabrina has recently caught on in Munich, a lightly camouflaged prototype that could hold, at first sight, a harbinger of the BMW X1 Facelift. On closer inspection, however, it becomes clear that it is for some time in China sold X1 long version, which is obviously subjected to with Plug-in Hybrid drive to further testing. That makes a lot of sense, because according to our information, even a BMW X1 xDrive25e iPerformance with a short wheelbase for Europe and other markets is a Facelift 2019 planned.

BMW X1 Facelift 2019: Plug-in Hybrid xDrive25e for Europe

As a technical template for the European BMW X1 xDrive25e serves, in a way, the 225xe Active Tourer, however, the latest battery technology, the BMW X1 Facelift 2019 from the beginning. The causes in practice an electric range of 50 kilometers and opened up many customers in the urban space the ability to move your X1 on the daily trips to work and home completely emission-free.

The price is the Plug-in move in-Hybrid with its two drives, a system power of around 230 HP and standard all-wheel drive at about the same level of a BMW X1 xDrive20d. As the sales figures of electric cars and Plug-in to show in hybrids, the BMW Group is increasing the demand for suitably-powered vehicles in the world. When you look at the numbers of China conquered the top spot of the USA, but also in other markets, the topic is becoming increasingly important.

Further changes to the BMW X1 Facelift 2019 relate to minor retouching on the overall successful Design of the Compact SUV, there is a need for fundamental Changes is not apparent. Slightly modified aprons at the Front and rear as well as minor Updates for the lighting technology should together with a few new color and wheel options are already all the elements of the exterior Revision. The interior Update is expected, as usual, with a Infotainment, a iDrive from the 6 but it could as in the past. Generation to be used, and may not be the fundamental revised BMW iDrive 7.0.

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