BMW X3 G01: production in China has already begun

At the BMW plant Dadong in Shenyang, the production of the first BMW X3 G01 from a Chinese factory has begun. With the production in China the BMW Group is responding to the great demand for mid-class SUV in the middle Kingdom, and remains for many years pursued a strategy to follow with the production the market. Because more and more Chinese demand for vehicles like the BMW X3 and the production in the American plant in Spartanburg, not arbitrarily increase has already been decided quite some time ago, the on-site production.

From today’s point of view, production in China, enjoys, of course, a good sense of Timing in connection with a possible trade war between the US and China, as the manufacturing site, makes the BMW a little more independent of imports and exports between the two countries. Lots of cars for China builds BMW today in China, cars for the US market, in contrast, are built mostly in the USA and Europe.

In addition to Spartanburg and Shenyang, there are also a third site for the production of the BMW X3 G01: The mid-size SUV has been running for a few days in the Rosslyn plant in South Africa. This work also increases the flexibility of the BMW Group and reduces the dependence on imports and exports from or to certain countries, possibly with high punitive tariffs.

The Design and the significant growth in space on Board the BMW X3 G01 is appreciated worldwide, but is also a requirement in China. The 54 millimeters longer wheelbase and the much higher quality interior provide an authentic luxury Flair, as Premium customers not only in China want to enjoy. In the middle Kingdom, the new X3 will initially be available as the xDrive25i and xDrive30i available, more engines to follow points to a later time.

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