BMW X5 G05: Erlkönig-Video delivers a lot of Design notes

The new BMW X5 G05 is in a role that had yet to experience a X5 in front of him: He will no longer be the Top model among the X-models of BMW and instead, in the shadow of the BMW X7, to offer even more size, even more Prestige and even more luxury. The second violin of the new BMW X5 G05 is not so, because the SUV remains true to himself and is taking in about the role of the 5ers in comparison to the 7 series: there is Hardly less luxurious, technically on par, but significantly sportier.

A recent spy Video from the Nürburgring Nordschleife shows the BMW X5 G05 with surprisingly little camouflage, which gives us, both in the area of the front section to the rear design of new knowledge. While many of the prototypes of our readers Maik on the highway caught prototype with heavy camouflage on-the-go, grind, the BMW X5 2018 in the North-Video is already relatively generous. So, it can be relatively easy to see that the Front Design closely at the X3.

Also, the rear of the prototype in the Video is relatively telling, because the rough shape of the tail lights is also seen. To distinguish from the smaller X3 and a clear emphasis on the more sporting role in comparison to the larger X7, the BMW X5 receives a luminaire according to our information, a relatively narrow rear, the Design of some of the perspectives of the new X4 G02 reminds.

All friends motorized SUV can breathe a sigh of relief after viewing the video also, because of the distinctive Sound that sounds more than promising, and points to a Supreme drive system. According to our information, customers in Europe can, for the first time on a V8-fueled BMW X5 M50i features that will share the drive train to a large extent with the M550i xDrive. In addition, the BMW X5 M50d with Quad turbo-Diesel will be available in Europe.

Completely new and high quality the interior of the BMW X5 G05. As now officially announced, the new BMW iDrive 7.0 aboard the X5 its series Premiere, and the occupant with a fully digital and constantly optimally to the current needs of custom Display experience pamper you. Instruments and Infotainment are displayed on high-resolution Displays with a 12.3 inch screen diagonal, add to that a Head-up Display with an enlarged display area.

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