Driving report BMW i8 Roadster: Two faces under one roof

Also, almost four years after its market launch, the BMW i8 is one of the cars that are most commonly understood miss. While most of the vehicle classes open up at least some getting used to also Reminiscing, it seems that the idea of a clean sports car with a contemporary Plug-in Hybrid drive some people continue to be incomprehensible. Just in time for convertible season in 2018 is now added in the Form of the BMW i8 Roadster the next Chapter of a story that does not want to understand, some people seem or can.

Anyone who approaches the subject, however, to open up a bit and the book doesn’t strike after the first page, can indeed gain new experiences – and probably would have to admit sooner or later that car without ultimatums Performance can make to claim a lot of fun. By some critics, is not a lived openness of the BMW i8 Roadster celebrates, however, formally. The short fabric roof covered only the bare Essentials and disappears within seconds after the two occupants of the sports car. So it makes way for a driving experience free.

Driving report BMW i8 Roadster: Silent, open, sporty

For a first ride report, we had a few weeks ago, the wheel of the new BMW i8 Roadster and had the Chance to make our own picture of the qualities of the first open Plug-in hybrids from BMW. Already directly after the start Off with the before, by pressing the Display key open canopy of the two seater revealed in his parade discipline: Virtually silent, the i8 Roadster is rolling through the city and the sounds of the environment unfiltered and, above all, undisturbed by the dominant Sound of an internal combustion engine in a futuristic Cockpit. So you can hear the “What a car!” the young English tourist, the edge of the road clearly and also feels almost like a rolling sidewalk café that invites you to attentive of the environment.

Unlike in the real café, the target curves of the Col de Sóller back but not only mentally getting closer and closer. On the outskirts of Palma the Chance to use more than the 143 HP and 250 Newton-metres of the electric motor in the short front of the BMW i8 Roadster is obtained for the first time. At the same Moment, as the accelerator pedal a bit more is pressed, it wakes up for the first time, the Turbo three-cylinder in the rear of the vehicle to life and reminds strongly to the fact that you’re sitting in a pure electric car.

The Sound of the 1.5-litre engine was re-sharpened with the i8 Facelift significantly and now sounds even more self-confident and even more distinctive than before. The fits to the role of the engine on Board the BMW i8 Roadster, with its 231 HP, it also plays from a sporting point of view, the main role and ensures that the two-seater in the retrieval of the full performance with a rear-heavy distribution of power is on-the-go. If allowed to let off steam, both engines, the driver with a system output of 374 horsepower, enough to accelerate in 4.6 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. The 60 kilograms lighter i8 coupe is even 2 tenths of a second faster.

Ever, the roads twisty, the stronger will be the small, highly supercharged internal combustion engine plays in the foreground. In most of the greater accelerations of the three cylinders is connected, and announces loudly that he wants to play. He is allowed to. And because it sounds so good, we let him by a short movement of the gear selector lever in the sports alley from now on, permanent work. Just in Sport mode, you quickly realize that the developers have worked to model care also to the sporting qualities of the i8. Unchanged compelling the cooperation of the two motors, the Response from the practically delay-free to the electric motor and the power reserve of the combustion engine on the other side lives. The steering is particularly around the Central position around noticeably more direct and in exchange for a slightly higher operating force is also more feedback from the road.

Designed specifically for the BMW i8 Roadster, the roll stabilization was designed to be a little firmer, and contributes to the intense driving experience. The most important and most Change the model of care relates to the Lithium-ion battery between the driver and front passenger, with 34 ampere hours of the battery cell capacity with the same space could be increased demand by a remarkable 70 percent. The basis sets to ensure that you do not need to pay attention in a very sporty way of driving to the state of charge of the battery and in everyday life, a significantly greater electric range.

The view on the display of the remaining electric range recalls, finally, that this is just as good sounding sports car is no longer his second face could show. Hardly the gear selector lever has left the sports alley, the three-cylinder in the rear of the soundscape and creates an acoustic space for a very special experience. Who listens to slides on Mallorca electrically on curving country roads and the chirping birds, feel the nature so close as it is, without bail.

In some of the narrow switchbacks you have to pay a price, however for the fascinating Design of the open-top two-seater In the left of the curves the A-pillar on the flat the windshield frame is made of Carbon blocking some of the view and forces the driver to move the head to a few inches to the left or to the right, to be able to have a look at the road to catch a glimpse of. In other situations, the Clarity has not been one of the Strengths of the BMW i8 Roadster: Trail of the area is right in the city behind the vehicle, a large dead angle, can also be used with the shoulder view not to see.

Since most of the other traffic participants are provided with a more or less noisy internal combustion engine on the road and the i8 urban drive purely electrically, you can hear potential dangers, at least, good. This must be not always open the whole top, amazing a lot of noise, even when exclusive between the step down from the driven rear wheel to the ear. The vertical window can be opened as in the open 6-series independent from the roof and closed when the roof is open, it serves bulkhead at the same time as the wind. While significant turbulence and wind noise at highway speed in the frame to take it starting at about 120 km/h on the highway clearly and in a desire to close the roof at the next opportunity.

So far, around 14,000 sold worldwide, the BMW i8, the Plug-in-Hybrid-athlete in the second half of its life cycle even more customers. The Roadster is expected to contribute significantly, even if BMW is expecting a large regional variation in demand and especially in the USA and Europe markets for the open version. In order to make the Roadster fit for weekend trips the two of us, have looked for the developers of intense storage: In the rear so lots of space is virtually available as in the coupe, even if the litre-indication says otherwise. The space between the three-cylinder engine, and rear window, however, is also suitable for the BMW i8 coupe is only for a few Luggage pieces, which are flat enough and not sensitive to heat. Behind the two Seats to the Mechanic finds, thanks to the space-saving top-100 litre large storage compartment, in which, for example, two backpacks can accommodate as much space as rarely for additional occupants used back seat of the coupe, this storage space is not but of course.

For the eye-catching Design, exclusive technology, and the ability to be both now under the open sky enjoy, it calls BMW i is a self-conscious, price: 155.000 euros base price, the BMW i8 Roadster to be one of the most expensive vehicles in the model range and our test car in E-Copper is even on a list price of 172.410 Euro. A lot of money, for the is one of the most fascinating vehicles of our time.

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