Drover: BMW UK co-operates with Auto-flat-rate provider

A few days after the Start of Access by BMW in the USA, BMW England, a collaboration with Drover. Drover is a flat rate provider for the individual mobility, to take care of in addition to the provision of vehicles, their insurance and the other costs of the ongoing operation. Especially for customers, the need for only a relatively short period of time a own the car, Drover is an interesting Alternative to the traditional rental car or a conventional long lease.

BMW England offers over Drover a whole range of models for Rent, ranging from a MINI three-door on 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, to models of the X-family, as well as BMW I. For a week with the MINI three-door will have to pay Drover customers currently, 131 of the British pound and drive it for significantly cheaper than most car rental Offers. For a permanent use as an Alternative to conventional Leasing is not a solution Drover, of course, which is, for example, the monthly cost of 1.076 pounds for a BMW 520d.

A clear advantage is the flexibility of the offer, however, is: Who changes every month his car, can easily drive a convertible in summer and on other days with a MINI-fun – and who needs a few weeks of no car, and according to plans, pays differently than the classic vehicle ownership, of course, not a Cent. The exact terms and conditions and offers can be found under joindrover.com/bmw-mini.

Chris brown ridge (BMW UK Sales Director): “New and creative solutions give our customers the possibility of Owning a BMW or MINI to experience for as long or as short as you need it. BMW Group UK is one of the pioneers of this development and we are pleased to be able to the partnership with the Car-Subscription-provider Drover. With the new subscription model, we are able to offer an additional opportunity to use a BMW or MINI, and to changing needs.”

Felix Leuschner (founder and CEO of the Drover): “We are very pleased to be able to with BMW Group UK are working together and are very proud of our partnership to announce. This is a direct result of our participation in the BMW Innovation Lab. Our partnership combines the latest and best in cars with a new model of vehicle ownership. Thus, we provide a target audience the use of a car, which otherwise would perhaps not buy a car, and contribute a portion of the earnings of BMW Group UK.”

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by : klonr.com