Fancy Scotland: Road trip Video with BMW 440i coupe

For an extensive Road trip on twisty roads with hardly a vehicle is as good as a current BMW 440i coupe – and hardly an area suitable roads for Scotland. In the latest Road trip Video of Traveller’s tales, the two ingredients work together for a few atmospheric minutes of quiet entertainment, the make, almost involuntarily, in the mood for a trip to the North of the British Isles.

The razor-sharp drone images show a stunning landscape with magnificent panoramas of seemingly deserted areas, the sometimes rugged weather encounters the beauty of nature. Stanly and Katya take us in the Video on their trip, their car, mobile main actor is a BMW 440i coupe F32 LCI with M sport package. Wild Drift-scenes or other Auto-Action are in focus, the vehicle, instead, serves as a reliable Partner and as a stylish means of transport from one dream Location to the next.

On your Road trip Stanly, and Katya went between 250 and 300 miles per day and were not always lucky with the weather – no wonder when one travels to Scotland in the winter months. But anyone who was already once there knows that The landscape is also and maybe even especially without sunshine is a very special atmosphere, lots of people come again and again here.

The result of the work of a truly remarkable Road trip Film with the title “the Scotland Colors”. Numerous sights such as the from the Harry Potter films famous Glenfinnan Viaduct, as well as countless castles and castles, Kilchurn Castle, Castle Stalker, and Eilean Donan Castle, to the Castle Ewen, Fairy Glen, of course, you can also.

By the way: On a previous Road trip, have Stanly and Katya already in the winter of Romania set the scene, then was Frozen Romania is a very nice Video.

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