First Video: Here is the BMW M850i coupe drives with 530 HP

In addition to the first photos, there is now also a first Black-and-White Video of the new BMW M850i coupe. In the Video we see the sporty luxury coupe in its final test driving in Wales. As now officially confirmed, the BMW M850i coupe in 2018, with a 530 HP V8-Biturbo engine and standard all-wheel drive xDrive. Up to 750 Newton-meters of torque, the concerns already from 1,800 revs/min, in every situation for excellent propulsion.

The correct gear selection is made by the sovereign Motor is child’s play for the eight-speed ZF automatic transmission, for use in the BMW M850i xDrive, the gearbox has been developed yet. BMW promises the M Performance variant of the 8-G15 an even greater spread between the komfortabelstem and sports; a wide range of Setup and it also announced an even faster gear changes in sports mode. The force distribution the four-wheel drive xDrive, depending on the driving mode increasingly tail-heavy and contributes significantly to the experience of driving fun.

In the Video, the project Manager explains the challenges in the development of the vehicle, which he defines as “sports car of the luxury segment”. The BMW M850i is derived, according to his Declaration of a race car and transformed into a “Gentleman’s Racer”, the control also average motorist for sure very quickly.

The complex chassis technology as standard, Integral active steering and active roll stabilization, BMW is referred to as the M chassis Professional. The BMW 8-seater in all variants, with mixed tyres at the Start, and should offer, according to the Supreme driving dynamics – with, of course, for the class of vehicle appropriate standards should be. Even if the BMW M850i is a M Performance automobile with 530 HP, neither he nor the BMW M8 expected to be even 650 HP to be a “super sports car”.

In the case of the driving performance of the BMW M850i xDrive, we expect to see with a view to the weight of a Sprint-time of just under four seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. The extensive standard equipment and high-complex technology, to make it clear that the BMW 8 is not a lightweight. It remains to be seen whether or not the M Performance-8 optionally increased to 305 km/h top speed – not sure, however, is that the 530-HP coupe would be even at this speed, still at his physical Limit.

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