G-Power BMW M2 Tuning: 500 HP without the S55 engine tag

The new BMW M2 Competition , since a few weeks everyone is talking about and even if it is in the Compact sports car from Garching to much more than pure engine performance, features many of the stronger engine. The change to the S55 referred to the engine from the BMW M3 and M4 promises to be, thanks to twin turbochargers and many M-component behavior, faster response, greater stability in extreme conditions and, not least, more power and torque. Also, the Tuning scene is happy, because, of course, higher top-of-the S55-base services tickle.

The BMW M2 is without a S55 engine in a completely new performance spheres, displays a poison green exclamation mark from G-Power. The performance fanatics from Aresing have taken the N55 engine in the BMW M2 to the chest and thoroughly revised, so that even without expensive engine change, a rich Performance-Plus will be able to experience. 500 HP and a maximum torque of 630 Newton metres, are the impressive result of in-depth G-Power-measures that not only provide the 370 HP of the series-M2 clear in the shadows.

For the 500-PS-M2 Power according to the G-numerous modifications to the N55 engine is necessary, in sum, also for high costs: pressure-optimised Downpipe, new intercooler, modified the turbocharger and a specially on the new Hardware-tuned Performance-the Software costs around € 9,600, but also improve the driving performance significantly.

The Sprint from 0 to 100 km/h to succeed, according to G-Power in 3.9 seconds, even more impressive, the Performance is likely to increase at higher speeds. Because it’s worth at least for customers who are regularly on the unlimited highway traveling, the further investment of around 795 Euro in the Vmax-repeal – so speeds of over 310 km/h are possible.

The right Sound to increase the performance of the G provides-Power titanium exhaust system with four 90 mm tailpipes. The great sound, lightweight construction, with valve control provides for a substantially sharpened acoustics, but it also costs 5.945 euros. Comparatively cheap the price for the G-Power G2M-RS coilover suspension that brings the BMW M2 is closer to the Asphalt, and 2.248 Euro. Visually, the appearance of the Power-M2 with the 20-inch forged wheels, G-Power Hurricane RR, the switch including tyres from 7.950 euros is rounded down.

(Images & Info: G-Power)

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