Police in the Czech Republic, extended usage of the BMW i8 coupe

After half a year of testing, the Czech police have extended their use of a BMW i8 coupe as a patrol vehicle. The special service the car should also continue in the Prague Metropolitan area and serves the officers, not only as a show car, but also for traffic monitoring.

In order to be in the future even better and more versatile, the police-i8 a RAM-CAM called a recording device. Videos of the surroundings of the vehicle can permanently record and store, which facilitates later detection of possible faults of others Vekehrsteilnehmer and the law enforcement more efficient.

With the RAM-CAM System, the BMW i8 can’t make the Czech police only recordings, but also the speed and the average speed in a particular section of the route. Thus, speed violations safe document and demonstrate, even in the event of infringements on longer routes.

In the coming half year, the Czech police may lay back again 20,000 kilometers with the BMW i8 and gives the Chance to gain more experience with the Plug-in hybrids. Thanks to the electric motor on the front axle, the i8 can be moved in the city locally emission free and almost silent, for stronger acceleration maneuvers of the burners on the rear axle.

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by : klonr.com