State of the art test stand-building in Europe at the BMW plant in Steyr

The largest engine plant of the BMW Group receives the state of the art test stand-building in Europe. At the BMW plant in Steyr was taken a few days ago, a new test bench building in operation, this opens up the engineers and developers many new possibilities. The test rigs are housed in an 18,000-square-foot building on six levels, and, among other things, suited to different weather conditions and to simulate their impact on the performance of the engines and the overall vehicles.

Alone in the diesel engines development center today, more than 700 technicians and engineers are busy making the drives of the future more efficient and powerful. For 34 engines, test rigs and seven roller test benches are available, also be carried out with the test vehicles on the public road in a variety of practice tests. The test benches make it possible for extreme environment to simulate conditions such as temperatures of Minus 40 degrees Celsius or the thin air at 5,000 meters altitude and extreme tests, for which you would have to actually remote places.

At the BMW plant in Steyr in 2017, more than 1.3 million gasoline – and Diesel-engines were built. In other words: More than half of all vehicles of the BMW Group rolled with a Motor from the tape, which was built in Steyr, Austria. The end of the flag pole is not reached yet: in 2019, a new line for the production of 4 – and 6-cylinder petrol engines will be established, a parallel line drives for the production of Housings for electrical.

Fritz stone parzer (head of diesel engine development center of the BMW plant in Steyr): “Not a combustion process is as efficient as the Diesel. He has over the petrol engine a distinct consumption – and thus CO2-advantage. Only in November 2017, a new Diesel-engine generation went into production, the significant improvements in fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions by four to five percent. We are already working on the next engine revision, which will be coming in 2020/2021 to the market.”

Christoph Schröder (Director BMW plant in Steyr, Austria): “We expect that in the coming years as vehicle sales continue to increase – especially in the premium segment, which is growing faster than the overall market. We continue to invest in internal combustion engines, equip us, but also in the field of electric mobility. The largest engine plant of the BMW Group is well positioned for the future.”

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