Understatement with a 600-HP BMW M5 F90 in azurite black

With 600 HP and Individual painting is quite inconspicuous on the road? This is also possible if you opt for a BMW M5 F90 in azurite black Metallic. Because while connoisseurs lights in view of the Performance of the vehicle and the noble color of the eyes, is likely to see less and less interested viewer, first of all, only a black 5er. A large part of the M5-typical insignia of Power moves with black finish subtly in the Background, what is the Power-sedan turned into a real Understatement-athletes.

The current photos are from the Showroom of BMW Abu Dhabi Motors and provide us with an impression of the 20-inch M light-alloy wheels double-spoke style 706 M Bicolor, the 2,100 – € 200 Euro cheaper than the Individual paint finish in azurite black Metallic. The elaborate paint scheme that combines deep Black with dark blue effects, can not develop their full strength on the photos in the artificial light of the showroom, unfortunately, the fascination azurite black opens up in the sunshine.

Regardless of the color and the rims the BMW M5 F90 is a fascinating combination of everyday practicality and Performance. The sedan offers in everyday life sovereign comfort and all assistance systems, also for the ordinary variants of the 5 available. At the same time it is able to accelerate at the push of a button in no more than 3 seconds from a standstill to highway speed and to easily reach a top speed of over 300 km/h.

In Germany, the 600 HP and 750 Newton meters powerful sedan at a price of 117.900 euros and has a good facilities. In the basic price of the navigation system Professional, adaptive LED headlights, a Harman Kardon Surround sound system and a 4-zone automatic climate control are included, among other things. Anyone who wants to improve the Performance of the BMW M5 F90, however, there is also a lot of occasions, up to 8.800 Euro M Carbon-ceramic brakes.

(Photos: BMW Abu Dhabi Motors)

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