US advertising: Mama drives a BMW M5 F90 with M Performance Parts

Not quite the usual clichés of the mother, which is seen in the recent commercial for the BMW M5 F90 to. For the U.S. market, developed the Clip shows the mother on her return to the family – so far, so normal. The role of the family cars is not a typical car for American “Soccer Mom”, but with customisation and Tuning accessories from BMW M Performance refined BMW M5 F90 accepts.

In addition to the car, the driving style of the loving mother does not quite correspond to the usual pattern, because apparently she wants to lose it on the way to your Love, no time, and costs 600 HP, the new Power sedan from Garching. All the same, For the Extra Portion of thrill, and fun will be enabled on the way home, he stops the 2WD mode of the M xDrive all-wheel drive, to let in the Drift on a closed track, a little smoke rising in the air.

The M Performance Tuning accessories sets several dark accents on the white paint shown on the BMW M5 F90, in addition, the decorative stickers, in the colors of BMW Motorsport for a further eye-catcher. To the performance readiness of the vehicle and the driver no doubt in the case of such a design and the M5 definitely – but in the face of a sprint time of 3.4 seconds from a standstill to 100 km/h can allow the F90 to the self-conscious appearance undoubtedly.

Rather atypical for an advertisement is that BMW USA has integrated two predecessors of the new M5 F90: While the son waits for his mom, he is clearly identifiable with a model car of the BMW M5 E60. Also, a BMW M5 E39 in the Garage that was still in the previous Millennium, the first M5 with a V8 engine.

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