Without legs, but with 600 HP: Alex Zanardi BMW M5 F90


Alessandro Zanardi has for many years been a Prime example of this is that you should never give up. The Italian has never let his destiny to impress, and his impressive athlete career, after the loss of both legs with the same ambition, to be driven forward, as before. He will serve as an example for countless other people with disabilities that you can also life after major setbacks, successful and happy.

By the sovereign dealing with his own disability, he has become a role model for others, can see by his example that one should really never give up. Despite the loss of both legs, Alex Zanardi driving for many years, the race for, BMW Motorsport, and very similar lap times to his well-toned team-mates without disabilities. Now the BMW brand Ambassador, has also for the everyday life of a new car: The racer is in the future, at the wheel of a BMW M5 F90 in Frozen Dark Silver on the go!

The conversion of the 600-HP Power-sedan shows that the developers of the BMW stop in front of challenging tasks, and always on the search for a solution. In addition to Alessandro Zanardi also many other people with disabilities to a specially for your needs rebuilt BMW and get the mobility that allows them a life with as few restrictions. 600 HP are certainly not necessary, but they show that the appropriate modifications can be implemented on request, also for vehicles from the M GmbH.

The BMW M5 F90 for Alex Zanardi has a brake lever on the steering Wheel and a very precise control of the thumb lever for the accelerator. For optimal dosage of the acceleration a Wireless Bluetooth solution from Fiadel Italiana, which was proven in Zanardi’s first exit on the race track of Vallelunga. The Integration of the normally, with feet-operated elements in the area of the steering wheel allowed Zanardi to move the vehicle without the legs, extremely athletic.

Alessandro Zanardi (BMW brand Ambassador): “to drive The BMW M5, is something quite Extraordinary. Not only because of the Speeds, but because you will feel while Driving with the route one. Every Time I try a BMW M, I think that the summit of perfection is reached, but to me it is clear that BMW manages to move the bar in the development of the perfect car.”

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by : klonr.com