24h Nürburgring 2018: the Best BMW is the only Position 13

As in previous years, BMW had to say goodbye to Motorsport again without a reason to celebrate of the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Also at the Nürburgring 24 hours, in 2018 the BMW M6 GT3 could not win – and that was also significantly more than in the previous year. After 24 hours, the two best-placed BMW M6 GT3 only came to the ranks of 13 and 15 to the finish and played in the fight for the overall victory. Even if not everything went according to Plan and had to fight five launched the BMW M6 GT3, with various difficulties, can’t BMW be motorsports with the performance of satisfied.

The last overall victory of the Munich in 2010, celebrated with a BMW M3 GT2. The success is now eight years, and the form curve is pointing downwards rather than upwards – which raises the question whether the Munich in this decade, can still celebrate a total victory on the Nordschleife. Who would have asked this question in 2010, would certainly have been with disbelief, shake his head wisely, and finally, the successes came before in much shorter intervals.

The overall victory in the Nürburgring 24 hours, in 2018 one of the Porsche 911 GT3 R of Manthey Racing, celebrated instead on the positions two and three, the Mercedes-AMG GT3 of the team Black Falcon took the chequered flag. A Aston Martin and another AMG on the ranks 4 and 5 ensure that even Audi can’t be satisfied with the performance on the Ring. Nevertheless, it is clear that the Ingolstadt-based company were significantly more competitive on the road as a BMW and to do in this respect, for 2019, a little homework is less.

Jens Marquardt (BMW Motorsport Director): “That was not for us, unfortunately, the 24-hour race, we had hoped for. In terms of Pace we were absolutely in the top group and phase had the fastest car in the field. The greater the disappointment is that we were not able to intervene due to incidents and technical difficulties in the fight for the top positions in the overall standings. That’s a bitter pill for all who have given in the preparation and in the race here everything. The best-placed BMW was the BMW M6 GT3 with the # 102 ranked 13th in the field. In the other classes, the BMW Teams super have fought and three victories won. That is the positive side of a for a very difficult race. Congratulations to Porsche for the overall win. In the next year, we are again on the attack.“

Augusto Farfus (#102 Shell Helix BMW M6 GT3): “in Principle, it is always a great experience to be in this race. I want to thank BMW Motorsport for the fact that I had this year again the opportunity to do so. The new constellation of Team, car, tyres and drivers was a challenge. In view of this, we have done a good Job. We are the best BMW Team and have brought Shell Helix BMW M6 GT3 in one piece to the finish.“

Jens Klingmann (#33 BMW M6 GT3, Falken Motorsports): “BMW Motorsport has come with the aim of here the 20. Total win. We also wanted to win the first victory for Falken Motorsports. That we had due to technical problems after a few hours, three laps behind, was of course disappointing. Nevertheless, we gave it our all, made no mistake and the car without further problems. Unfortunately, we lacked especially in the Wet compared to the top a little bit the Pace. But all in all I had a great time at Falcon Motorsports. The Team is very professional and has done a great Job.“

John Edwards (#98 BMW M6 GT3 ROWE Racing): “A failure in a 24-hour race is always disappointing, but it hurts especially when you had a chance to win – and we had. The BMW M6 GT3 in the first hours, in which we were temporarily in the lead, very quickly, and I was for the Rest of the race very confident. Unfortunately, we got problems.“

Connor De Phillippi (#99 BMW M6 GT3 ROWE Racing): “I was at the beginning of a Code 60-Zone, the third vehicle in a queue. The first vehicle has braked early, and it came from behind to rear-end collisions. I’m in the rear of the Audi in front of me and damaged the radiator of my vehicle. We had no water pressure anymore, and I couldn’t continue. I’m very sorry for the Team and my teammates.“

Nico Menzel (#60 BMW M4 GT4, Sorg Motorsport): “It is of course annoying that we had technical problems, but it was still nice to come up with the BMW M4 GT4. Overall, it was a great experience. I was able to ride in my home race. In the introduction round of all the Fans at the track, has me driven to almost tears in the eyes. I enjoyed the atmosphere. Also, the fact that our BMW M4 GT4 was prominently involved in the TV broadcast, I had a lot of fun. A big thank you goes to the Team Sorg Rennsport, the given everything for the use of this vehicle and a great Job.“

Beitske Visser (#60 BMW M4 GT4, Sorg Motorsport): “I’m very grateful that BMW Motorsport for this fantastic experience. This was my first 24-hour race, and especially my long use of night was really crazy. It is very dark out there, but it’s still very much fun. In General, we had on our BMW M4 GT4 is a great Team. The mood was great, and I’ve benefited greatly from the experience of Dirk Adorf and Tom Coronel.“

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