40 years of the BMW M1: anniversary for BMW super sport 1978

The Paris motor show in 1978, had not only from the Bavarian point of view, a Highlight, that is until today unforgotten: The BMW M1 E26, celebrated at Its world premiere and enthusiastic with a flat sports-car Silhouette, which made its dynamic driving potential at first glance. To date, the BMW M1 is the only series-built super sports cars from BMW, until today, the dreams are turning countless BMW Fans a real successor for the mid-engine two-seaters from 1978.

Behind the two seat shells in the BMW M1 E26 is the in-line six-cylinder engine M88, the enjoys in turn also cult status works. With 3.5 liters and 277 HP, it accelerated the 1.14 meters flat BMW M1 up to 262 km/h. Later, the M88 and its offshoot S38 drove several other BMW models and were involved in the 80s, significantly at the Sharpen the sporty profile of the BMW brand.

The Giorgio Giugiaro-designed Design has lost nothing of its fascination, and ensures that the BMW M1 is part of the only collectors to be the most sought-after cars of its time. Based on the M1 design, the Gullwing study, the BMW Turbo by Paul Bracq, the Giugiaro is missed, a sharp Italian-style Finish. The flip-up headlights and the use of conventional doors, the valid safety regulations and the cost of the vehicle necessary Changes, also the M1 is around 20 inches longer and slightly narrower and higher than the Turbo study of 1972.

Today’s celebrity of the BMW M1 not only his driving have contributed to the services and its Design, a key role is played by the races and the 1979-designed Art Car by Andy Warhol played. The BMW M1 Procar-called race cars were among others in the framework programme of the formula 1 on the road and impressed the audience with their appearance and their performance. The race car went with 470 HP at the Start, and offered a fascinating Sound, because the peak power was only at 9,000 rpm. In this configuration, the BMW M1 reached speeds of more than 300 km/h. In the race cars of the group 5 of the M88/2 went with Turbo-charging at the Start even sent up to 850 HP to the rear wheels.

Overall, from 1978 to 1981, 460 copies of the BMW M1 were produced by Baur in Stuttgart. The originally planned production at Lamborghini failed due to internal problems with the Italians. That BMW to the 40. Birthday holds a similar Surprise in the back of your hand like 10 years ago, unfortunately, is unlikely – at that time, the Concept Car BMW M1 homage awakened the memories of the super athlete, and fanning hopes for a new edition.

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