Autonomous Driving: BMW must test first in Shanghai

As the first and so far only international car manufacturers, the BMW Group has received a Test license for Autonomous Driving in Shanghai. The “Shanghai Intelligent Connected Autonomous Driving Test License” allows the BMW Group in the Chinese metropolis of extensive Tests with prototypes. The focus is on the Autonomous Driving Level 4, for the in the highly complex city traffic of a city with millions of inhabitants, collected within a short period of time, several petabytes of data and, finally, can be evaluated is first.

With the help of the Shanghai-acquired data, Machine Learning Algorithms can be developed to provide the Basis for intelligent driving strategies for self-driving BMW-models can be defined. The Tests start with two BMW 7-series prototype on a stretch of 5.6 km, to the end of the year, the test fleet of 7 vehicles, and in coordination with the Chinese authorities, the test track will be enlarged. To the support, configuration and development of the test vehicles, the BMW Group has stationed a Team of 60 experts working in Shanghai.

Already in 2016, the BMW Group has convinced the Chinese authorities on a section of highway in Chengdu of the skills of your own Level-3-Software. So far on Chinese roads, 30,000 km of self-driving BMW-models accident were uncovered. With the help of simulations could be collected on the Basis of the real driven 30,000 kilometres further around 200,000 kilometres of experience. The authorities in China are convinced of the security of the systems, shows the so far the only approval for test runs in Shanghai for an international car manufacturer.

Dr. Martin Sautter (Senior Vice President, BMW Group the development of China): “The BMW Group has consistently pursued its development strategy In China, for China’. Thus, we have established a comprehensive and customer-oriented development program with our locations in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenyang. For us a great honour to be the first International car manufacturer to receive a test license to test Autonomous driving on the road in China. With the highest safety standards, we will advance the development of Autonomous driving continues to advance, in order to contribute to more safety and comfort in public transport.”

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