BMW: 2 Flexible architectures for electric, Hybrid & gas

The BMW Group sees a high level of flexibility as the key for the future optimum utilization of their works. Flexibility means that the same Band in a row of vehicles with a combustion engine, electric and Plug-in Hybrid drive can be built. The Background is clear: Since no one knows which drive concept is when and in what Region enjoy the greatest demand, is also an exact planning of the required production capacity as well as impossible.

Who decides today, a certain capacity for the construction of electric cars and Plug-in hybrids, build and flexibility, they can quickly see two problems: the demand for electric cars stronger than expected, can not increase the capacity to the Quick. You will fall short of expectations, is not busy, the factory, and must rest in the worst case, at all. The same Dilemma arises for Plug-in Hybrids and vehicles with an internal combustion engine.

The Problem will be solved in the case of the BMW Group, with two highly flexible vehicle architectures that can accommodate all three drive concepts. Depending on the order input can be built in the same factory and on the same Band, for example, a BMW X3 M40i and X3 xDrive30d, but also a X3 xDrive30e and iX3. Gasoline, Diesel, Plug-in Hybrid, electric car will be built, what the customer wants. In any case, a shift within the X3-demand ensures that individual bands can not work or does not provide sufficient capacity for a particular type of drive is present.

Oliver Zipse (member of the Board of management of BMW AG, production): “the capacity utilisation of our plants for us. Therefore, we design the production system so that we will be able to produce models with a full electric drive part electric drive or combustion engine on the same Band.”

Some of the background to the BMW strategy provides the following Video.

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