BMW 3-series G20: Up to 80 percent less variants planned

The BMW Group is pushing ahead with the reduction of the complexity with large steps. For the BMW 3-series G20 financial officer Nicolas Peter called in an interview with automotive week some of the specific Numbers, which will give us a first impression of the actual impact. Basically, we can say that the enormous diversity of variants is abolished in the current price list: Peter is convinced that a concentration on the most important products and variants, the same quantities as in the past to sell, but at considerably reduced cost. The same strategy will also be used for other upcoming models, is obvious.

As examples, the chief financial officer leads, among other things, the large variety of engines. The large spread, some with only minor Differences in the driving performance increases the complexity and therefore the cost of production significantly, but not necessarily on the numbers. Anyone who looks today in the price list, 316d, 318d, 320d, 320d EfficientDynamics Edition and 320d xDrive alone, five different variants of the 3 series sedan with four-cylinder Diesel in the power range from 116 to 190 HP. All the five variants are equipped with at least two different transmission options available. About the models, 330d, 330d xDrive and 335d xDrive , three further self-detonator. A similar complexity is not planned for the BMW 3-series G20 definitely.

In addition to a smaller engine line-up Nicolas Peter is announcing some further measures for the BMW 3-series G20. Special equipment, which can be purchased only from the few customers actually, to be consistently out of the program deleted. The same is true for colors and color-combinations, for which there is only a low demand. Who, in the future, a somewhat more unusual color to would, could, therefore, earlier than previously on the help of BMW Individual dependent.

As a positive example for minimal complexity Nicolas Peter calls the U.S. car manufacturer Tesla: “The offers on its Website two options for a model, because you can make as a customer is exactly two. In the case of the established manufacturers of the same topic five or six pages.” The motors Peter States clearly: “Then there are five diesel variants, but only two or three.”

Overall, Peter is aiming for the BMW 3-series G20 is a significantly noticeable reduction in the number of variants to “up to 80 percent.” One of the reasons for the Complexity – and cost reduction are the high investments and costs which the company in other areas such as electric mobility and Autonomous Driving lift. Otherwise it was not possible to remain in the target yield range of 8 to 10 percent.

(Photos: Bimmer Today Reader Stefan)

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