BMW chief Kruger: All brands and models of electric

At the annual General meeting of BMW AG, commented Harald Krüger extensively for the last fiscal year and for the future of BMW. He emphasized the strong Position of the company: The BMW Group is the number 1 in the case of electrified vehicles in Europe and Germany, is in the midst of the greatest model offensive of its history, has sold in the last year, more than 2.4 million cars and before tax and over 10 billion in profit and the bottom line is the most profitable car maker in the world. With a view to the recent past, Harald Krüger takes a clear position on the issue of erroneously and subsequently with a wrong Software equipped 11.700 BMW M550d and 750d. “To say it clear: With a targeted Manipulation of the engine control and exhaust gas values, it has nothing to do.”

For the future Kruger announces a continuation of the many years ago, begun in electro-strategy and says unequivocally: “All of the brands and model series are electric.” Already, more than 250,000 vehicles of the BMW Group with electrified drive on the roads. For the year 2018 Kruger confirmed the destination, worldwide, at least 140,000 electric cars and Plug-in Hybrids to deliver. By the end of 2019, the total number of sold vehicles with electrified drive is to exceed the mark of 500,000 units. By 2025, the BMW Group wants to have a Portfolio of 25 electrically-powered vehicles in the program, of which 12 pure electric cars.

Also on the subject of China Harald Krüger over in his speech. By far the largest single market of the company, its sales figures to the series, we have been reported only recently in comparison to the home market, developed for the BMW-in-chief in the areas of E-mobility ” and ” digitalisation “of the clock in the world”. At the same time, he calls Europe a pioneering role in the field of cellular wireless Standards 5G, and also in the field of E-mobility. The United States referred to Kruger as a “second home”, finally, the BMW Group is measured by the value of the largest vehicle exporter in the country.

The whole of the speech of Harald Krüger to the Annual General meeting in Munich in the wording:

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome!

Mobility is varied. It serves us in everyday life and is a joy in itself.

130.000 employees mobility for the BMW Group. You all are full of energy and passion. Many follow this General meeting. So I am right at the beginning to you, dear employees: you make the BMW Group’s strong and unique. For I say to you today: Thank you! Together, we will ensure that this company remains successful.

This is our duty to you, dear shareholders. I would like to welcome you all here in the Olympic hall and the Internet to the 98. annual General meeting of BMW AG.

You, ladies and gentlemen, to accompany us since many years. You know: The BMW Group stands on a solid Foundation:

  • Over 100 Years Of Experience. This gives us self-confidence.
  • We have mastered breaks successfully. This gives us strength and Confidence in the current Transformation.
  • We want to be at the top. This is our premium claim.
  • The biggest Model campaign in our history, is a Declaration of war to the competition.
  • We are the number 1 in the case of electrified vehicles in Europe and in Germany. All brands and model series are electric. This is a consequence. This is the future.

In 2017, the eighth record year in a row:

  • More than 2.4 million Cars sold.
  • 164.000 BMW motorcycles and scooters.
  • A group pre-tax profit of over ten billion euros.

And most important: We are the most profitable automobile company in the world.

All the features of your company.

You, our shareholders, to participate in the success. For 2017, we propose the highest ever dividend of 4.00 euros per ordinary share. To € 4.02 per share of preferred stock.

We also have employees in Germany benefit. You will receive a share of the profit. Fairness promotes Cohesion. Our society needs. We are at BMW together for the big tasks that lie ahead of us. This is our culture.

Our world is fast and complex. There are no easy answers. Economic success is, of course, a right, and in the long run.

The automobile gets against the wind. It is highly regulated, precisely because it is so popular.

To truth belongs also The Acting of some of the manufacturer has harmed the industry as a whole.

Ladies and gentlemen,

in this context, a clarification: the Us is several years ago, a mistake. He relates to earlier model versions of the BMW 5-series and 7-series. You received a motor control software developed according to the assessment of the company’s originally correct. Later models were equipped with a for this type of non-specific software module.

To say it clear: With a targeted Manipulation of engine management and exhaust gas cleaning which has nothing to do with it. Now we are waiting for the approval of the authorities to a revised Software and firmware.

Are affected the maximum is 11,700 vehicles. Let me put that number into perspective: in just the last five years, the BMW Group has delivered over 11 million Automobiles.

As the first manufacturer, we have set to a multi-stage exhaust gas after-treatment concept. With Success:

  • Our Euro 5 and Euro 6 Diesel in Germany, around 40 percent lower than the NOx average value of the German Federal environment Agency has published.
  • Also, the ADAC has tested the NOx emissions of Euro 6 diesel models: BMW and MINI models cut very well. The BMW 520d and the 530d even fall below the future limit value for the Tests on the road.

We stand by our word.

In Germany, we implement the decisions from the Diesel-summit:

Our Euro 5 diesel vehicles from the year 2011 to be updated by Software. We do not say but also, if something is technically feasible, The retrofit with the Hardware.

Responsibility is part of our values.

In this way, we will work on the allegations of alleged illegal cartel agreements. Here is the assessment by the EU is not a completed Commission.

Dear shareholders and shareholder representatives,

you trust more, the BMW Group! We go our own straight. The BMW way. It is the strategy NUMBER ONE > NEXT. It determines our strategic Action by 2025.

Three fields have a clear priority:

  1. Electrification.
  2. Globality.
  3. Products and services.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have often emphasized:

The growth curve in E-mobility is rising steadily. Also, our sales in the first quarter proves that In the case of electrified vehicles we have in the world by over a third. In the United States by almost 80 percent. As far as the Numbers.

I would like to tell you of an experience. It has touched me personally. In December of 2017, I handed over the 100,000 th electric vehicle in the BMW Welt: the BMW i3. I had expected a young customer who is already electric.

In fact, a 80-year-old Lord stood before me with a beaming Smile on his face. He went from a life of models by other manufacturers with nitro. To me, this shows that For a switch to BMW, and on our E-models, it is never too late.

On the same evening, we illuminated our group headquarters, the BMW four – cylinder as battery. I looked from the Olympic Park, together with many employees. An emotional Moment.

To 100,000 electrified vehicles in the year 2017. Said and done. The is BMW.

Our course is clearly set:

  • At least 140,000 electrified vehicles in the year 2018.
  • 25 electrified models in the year 2025. 12 of which are pure electric.
  • Half a Million E-models and Plug-in Hybrids on the road by the end of 2019. Today it is a quarter of a Million.

Two models are available for our departure into new dimensions:

  • The BMW i4.
  • The BMW iNEXT.

The concept of the BMW i4 was the Star of the IAA in 2017. A few years ago, project i “as an independent project started”. Now the letter “i” is our core brand, BMW. In the future, all the pure-electric BMW models bearing the Logo “i”. This goes hand in hand with the fifth Generation of the memory and battery technology. E-models are fully suitable for everyday use. The range increases to up to 700 kilometers.

Parallel to the i4, we develop iNEXT to the BMW. Here, exclusively for you as our shareholders a very first glance. I can tell you: this year we are going to show the iNEXT as the vision of the vehicle.

iNEXT is modular, our Future. That sounds a little bit like Lego. So similar the idea is. The entire company and all its brands are to benefit from iNEXT. For the first Time, we are bundling all of the key technologies for future mobility: He drives fully electrically. He is fully networked. He drives semi-autonomously – and safely. Further models will follow.

At the Autonomous Driving, we are working on our Campus near Munich. Announced last year. This April, opened. Said and done. The is BMW.

Campus means: Short routes. Quick Decisions. Agile Working. 1.800 experts from many countries work there. We are developing the future of the automobile in Germany.

And we build them in Germany: The i4 in Munich. The iNEXT in Dingolfing.

Bavaria is and remains our home. From here, we promote technological innovation and industry 4.0. More than half of our vehicles we produce in the foreign country. But: We employ almost 70 percent of our employees in Germany. For me, a clear commitment to our roots. You give us support in a global world.

For the second point: Globalization.

30 locations in 14 countries includes our production network. We will make you fit for the variety of drives. We create flexible architectures. From 2020, we can series all the model with each type of engine to equip. Today, we produce ten locations around the world electrified models. The can’t claim many.

Three large markets are crucial for us: Europe, China, USA.

They all differ: In the case of the policy requirements. At the Wishes of the customer. In their culture.

In Europe, the policy imposes strict requirements for emissions. We want to meet in the future. The BMW Group benefits from the EU single market.

We are to Europe. Only a competitive EU can exercise its role in the world. Also inside Europe, the future must be able. Keyword: networking and Autonomous Driving: Here we need uniform legal rules as well as everywhere in the EU, the 5G mobile communications standard. Keyword E-Mobility:

Europe must play a pioneering role. We provide a common EU internal market for digital infrastructure for E-mobility! The close bond between Germany and France for Europe elementary. The UK must continue to be on the side of the EU. We manufacture from 2019, in Oxford, the first all-electric MINI. Important: The access to the EU internal market must be straightforward and customs remain free. In sales, we want to grow this year in Europe.

We look to China. China is developing to the clock of the world – in the case of E‑mobility and digitisation. We want to grow in 2018, our largest single market. Finally, BMW is the most attractive and the most innovative premium brand in China. The government in China is pushing for E‑mobility. This year alone, one Million electrified vehicles will be allowed. Our customers in China can now choose between six electrified models. With ChargeNow, you have access to the largest public network of charging stations.

Further strategic steps are:

  • We will deepen the partnership with Brilliance: From the middle of 2018, the new X3 is produced not only in the USA and in South Africa, but also in Shenyang. From 2020, we are finished there is also the iX3. He is the first fully electric model of the core BMW brand.
  • We are planning another Joint Venture with Great Wall Motor. In the future, we plan to produce all-electric MINI vehicles in China.

The government in China wants to reduce customs duties and the automotive market open.

This shows prudence and foresight in the current trade dispute.

In the United States decisive political choices are still open. According to the foreign trade policy. Also inside: In the forthcoming Revision of the U. S. consumption requirements at the Federal level, we support a uniform national Standard.

For the BMW Group, the USA has long been our “second home”. And we have a lot to offer: BMW is – in terms of the value of the largest vehicle exporter in the United States. We care for around 70,000 direct and indirect jobs in the United States. In 2018 we want to grow in the US market, easily. In Spartanburg, our greatest work. By 2021, we will invest a further 600 million euros.

We are also investing in Mexico. In 2019, we will open our new factory. Mexico has set in the past, strong on free trade and benefited from it. We finished in San Luis Potosí for the world market. Global Thinking and Acting that has made the BMW Group successfully. Free trade leads to prosperity and growth. This is a fact.

We act globally. At the same time, we take responsibility –local: For jobs. Value-creation. The Common Good.

So on to the third point: the products and Services.

We are in the midst of Phase II of our model offensive. Twenty new and revamped models this year. Two highly emotional vehicles, The BMW i8 Roadster to stand here in front of the stage:. The BMW Z4 concept.

The Offensive has two focus areas: luxury and X. examples of the high-yield luxury class are: At Rolls-Royce, the new Phantom and the spectacular Cullinan. In the case of BMW, the new 8-seater Coupé arrives later this year on the market.

A total of at least six models belong to the new 8-series. The BMW M8 Gran coupe. It is the new BMW design language. With enormous presence of the new BMW X7 scores. At the end of this year, he goes into production.

2018 is our X-year:

  • The all-new X3.
  • Of cool X2.
  • As of the summer of the athletic X4.
  • And I say to you today, exclusive: There will be a X5 successor.

Our model offensive goes Hand-in-Hand with the Expansion of our Services.

Last year, over 23 million customers have used our Mobility services. By 2025, we will build a tribe of 100 million active customers. To do this, we create an all-Round carefree package for customers.

Three strategic decisions made this year:

  • The complete Takeover of DriveNow.
  • The acquisition of Park mobile, LLC. So we are the international leading provider of digital Parking solutions.
  • The planned Joint Venture with the Daimler group. We want to merge our expertise in mobility services on an equal footing. The antitrust authorities have to agree to that.

Dear shareholders and shareholder representatives,

Mobility is life.

The EU Commission has calculated that private households in The EU to invest per year over a trillion euros in mobility.

In Germany alone, the mobility increases demand by 2040. Most of the time, we will also place it back in the future with the car. The car remains a means of transport number 1.

This fits: in 2017, the world’s largest car manufacturers have achieved their highest ever sales. Our industry has always done a lot of. She continues to have an important role in the economy and in society: As an employer. As A Taxpayer. As A Driver Of Innovation.

I say we turn our full concentration on the transition to a sustainable, digitized mobility. This is our task, as the German automotive industry – and nothing else.

In times of change, the Great win sometimes. Sometimes even the Small. With safety, the Flexible win.

I’m 26 years at the BMW Group. In this time there were a lot of challenges. The BMW Group goes your own straight-forward way. We do this with innovation, courage and consequence. That’s why your company exists for over 100 years on the market.

The development of the BMW share price reflects our long-term approach. From may 2008 to may 2018, you won more than 140 per cent in value. In the current Transformation your company is profitable. Our EBIT margin in the Automotive Segment for eight years in a corridor of 8 to 10 percent. Therefore, we can invest in our future.

In 2018, our ninth record to be year.

Your commitment to the shareholders dear shareholders, it gives us support and strength. We can count on you. And you can rely on the BMW Group.

Your Business! Thank You Very Much.

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