BMW Deutschland: BMW 5-series driving in April of 2018 to the top

The BMW 5-series with a strong Performance in April of 2018 to the top of the sold in Germany, BMW models. Found both in business as well as for private customers, the popular sedans and station wagons in April alone, 4.375 customers and made the 5 series to be by far the most successful model series of the BMW Group in their home market. Since the beginning of the year have already decided more than 15,000 customers in Germany, for a new BMW 5 series, the 5 series has a lead of about 1,200 units to the much more favorable 1 out of danger.

In both April and in the previous year as a whole, around two-thirds of the BMW 5-series customers for a Diesel engine chosen, with the efficient four-cylinder in the 520d, the main role is likely to play. For all model series, the Diesel share is in the BMW just under 50 percent, but in the 5 series, and in the large SUV, the demand is almost unbroken. Another example of the BMW X5, since the beginning of the year about 85 percent of the customers with Diesel engine ordered.

The other places of the BMW-internal sales-table, the BMW 1 series and 2 series, held in April, around 2,400 clients and in the first three months of on each of over 13,000 units to follow. Although the BMW 3-series in April was stronger than the compact-class models, in the previous year as a relatively clear behind the 1er and 2er. The BMW X1 sales figures worldwide continues strong growth, could leave the 3 series with its April Performance, however.

On the further course of the year, the upcoming model changes and model is likely to have to maintain a formative influence. The new BMW X2 is expected to grow with increasing availability, the refreshed row of 2 could also attract once again, the new edition of the BMW X4 follows in the summer and towards the end of the year coming with 8, and X5 for more exciting new products. Exciting to see will be how the BMW 3-series F30 hits in the last months before the presentation of his successor, with the internal designation of the G20.

(Data: KBA)

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