BMW development center in Beijing: innovation from China

German innovations in the future, more and more often from China? With the new BMW development center in Beijing, the Munich want to create the basis for this and the innovation of the country benefit. The new location in Beijing provides space for up to 200 employees and fits in with the development of network of China of the BMW Group. In total, then, around 1,100 employees in development work for BMW in China. The strategy is clearly defined: “In China, for China and the world.”

The new BMW development center in Beijing offers 17,000 square meters of an open office-landscape in modern Design. The core tasks of the new BMW team in Beijing include requirements management, testing and validation, as well as the development of systems and Services. The development site in Beijing in 2018, more than 70 test vehicles on the road, this year, around 5 million Test kilometres completed.

Important Chinese development sites, the BMW Group also in Shanghai and Shenyang. Of the approximately 1,100 employees wei-thirds are over time. from China. The declared aim is to discover local talent and to promote, to be able to eventually of your innovation benefit. Already today, China offers for BMW, the largest development capacity outside of Germany.

Klaus Fröhlich (member of the Board of management of BMW AG, development): “For us, China is one of the driving forces in the area of innovation and at the same time a place of Inspiration. Particularly with regard to electrification, and digitization, we believe, China is already the world’s leading market.
For this reason, we have started five years ago, a comprehensive network of Development offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenyang.
We expect the reinforcement of our development activities in China, as well as the cooperation with more and more high-profile Chinese Tech Companies provides a strong contribution to our global development performance, especially in terms of electric mobility and digitization.”

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