BMW Motorrad Concept 9cento: Premiere at lake Como

The Design Team from BMW Motorrad has been at the Concorso d’eleganza 2018 in the garden of the Villa d’este, a particularly challenging task. The new BMW Motorrad Concept 9cento is to unite basically the qualities of a motorcycle collection in a single model. “In today’s time it must go further not only according to the Maxim, ‘higher, faster’, rather the focus is on this Concept Bike to balance,” explains head of Design Edgar Heinrich, the basic idea of the study.

An innovative case system should allow on demand with few handles on the rear carrier mount, and enough space for lengthy tours. In addition, the case-elements extend the Seating area and to create space for a pillion. Also the chassis of the BMW Motorrad Concept 9cento is designed with long-travel suspension on comfort and long distance ability, as well as the right low, upright Seating position.

In all practicality, also the Chapter on dynamics should not come to short – lightweight is the key for the desired agility. So, for example, the triangle of the Frame of the study with CFRP-reinforced non-woven. Detailed information on performance and motorization not make the developers, as usual, on the lake, the Design is in the first line in the center. U-shaped LED-segments are responsible day and night for a clearly identifiable light signature, the short rear end gives the Concept Bike in this, particularly in the variant shown without the bag and a delicate Silhouette.

“We have designed a Bike, the reasonable power, reliable sports-Touring characteristics and, above all, much driving fun in an attractive total package. It combines the Best of the segments, sports, Adventure, Tourer to an exciting concept – and in a class in which there was not so far from BMW. The BMW Motorrad Concept 9cento shows our Interpretation of a modern All-rounder for the new middle class,” concludes Heinrich.

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