BMW movie cars at the Concorso d’eleganza: From Bond to Bean

The rear cover is shot to hell by the balls and deep scratches zerfurchen around the paint. Sadly, the last Fragment of the BMW kidney -, Double -, where once stood an intact front bumper must have been. The story has to tell of the damaged BMW M3 in the exhibition rotunda of the Villa Erba to, obviously, is dramatic and world-famous: millions of people you have followed in 2015 under the title “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation” on the canvas.

Fitting to this year’s event slogan “Hollywood on the Hills”, presented to BMW group Classic at the Concorso d’eleganza on lake Como, a spectacular selection of movie cars, which has contributed to the Munich-based group in recent years, the international cinema business. Partly renovated, grant chases the former official car of Johnny English, James Bond, and co.a fascinating look into the world of Stuntmen and filmed persecution.

A second, rear-facing Cockpit located for example on the roof of the “Mission Impossible” M3 screwed, with the trips in the reverse gear with high precision. Even more, the motorcycle tag from the same movie is: while Tom Cruise was busy on the saddle of the BMW S1000RR with his play, had to take a stunt driver, the control. The specially made Trike design gives a good impression of the enormous amount of planning work that takes place before the beginning of shooting behind the movie scenes.

At the Concorso d’eleganza, the film stand out cars. Dirt and dust apply here is normally only tolerable if they are inextricably linked with the history of the exceptional historical-Exhibit – for example, in the case of some rare Garage find. In the case of the BMW film cars, the Classic has to be set on the Department right from the beginning everything about it, the often pitiful condition after the end of the shooting preserve. So, for example, the completely filthy M6 convertible from the fourth “Mission Impossible”-part has been covered specially with a clear layer of varnish to preserve dirt and Patina.

With other vehicles of the special exhibition, the screenplay was not significantly gracious – the BMW Z8 from the James Bond Film “The world is not enough” (1999) is still there as on the first day. The black-and-yellow cult-MINI with an armchair on the roof, and the wheel ropes, and the ordeals of its owner-Mr. Bean’s gratifying scratch way survived. For the BMW movie cars Hollywood on the Hills, do not need to “” finally, always with a Drama…

Text and photos: Jonas Eling

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