BMW Wireless Charging: Start-up in July, price from 3.205 Euro

As previously announced, BMW brings to the Inductive Load in series. From production to July 2018 is BMW Wireless Charging as an Option for the BMW 530e iPerformance can be ordered and makes the Loading of the Plug-in-Hybrid-saloon is actually even easier than conventional Refueling because to Charge the battery, it is sufficient for the vehicle to Park properly. Needed for this, only two things: A CarPad-called module at the vehicle bottom, and a GroundPad module for the Garage, both of which can be leased starting in July 2018, together with the BMW 530e.

In Germany, the price for the Wireless Charging CarPad is 890 euros, with the addition of 2,315 thousand euros for the GroundPad. The additional comfort to the vehicle for Charging the Lithium-ion batteries via a cable to the power connect to the network, cost to the customer, therefore a surcharge of 3.205 Euro. The market launch for Inductive Charging is carried out initially in Germany, later great Britain, the USA, Japan and China.

For the Inductive Loading to make the CarPad to the underbody of the BMW 530e and above the GroundPad to be placed, any deviation of 7 centimeters in the longitudinal direction and 14 cm in the transverse direction is no Problem. Who is able, on average, a Parking space without the risk of Parking damage, or other control, so it is also with this Exercise, no Problem – especially since he is supported by auxiliary lines in the Cockpit and in real time, very accurately see how his way of driving to the Meet of the optimal Parking position of the impact.

BMW Wireless Charging works with a charging power of 3.2 kW, and is thus strong enough to protect the Lithium-ion battery of the BMW 530e in 3.5 hours to fully charge. The efficiency of the overall system is, according to BMW at about 85 percent and is thus far removed from the 92 percent that are currently being achieved with cables. How the System works in practice, we were able to us a few months ago on the example of a near-series prototypes to view.

It is clear that, according to the BMW 530e iPerformance sooner or later, other Plug-in Hybrid from the BMW Group, with optional Wireless Charging. A hot candidate for the second site of the BMW 7-series Facelift in 2019, because the PHEV offer the luxury sedan will be redesigned in the framework of the model of care already fundamentally.

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