BMW X7 2019: background to the luxury SUV in an Interview,

With the BMW X7, the Munich enter in a Segment that you have provided so far, without a fight the competition. There were certainly reasons for that, but even better the reasons for entry into the prestigious market above the X5. In an Interview with project leader Dr. Jörg miracle we are after our Pre-ride in the BMW X7 prototype on the most important questions about the so far largest series BMW of all times, because, of course, just people in Central Europe for such a large SUV, the question of meaning.

The actual audience of a BMW X7, a rating some of the aspects are quite different and where the priorities of the development layers, explains Dr. Jörg wonders in the Interview. We take a joint view on possible variants for the off-roader, to be presented later this year and the beginning of 2019 its market launch will celebrate. With the X5, BMW has already a large and luxurious SUV in the program. What is the development of a larger, and probably also vehicle more severe to justify?
Dr. Jörg Wunder: We have with the X5 is a very impressive product, but on the Position of the 7 series, therefore in the SUV Segment, we still have a gap. With the X5 we have a good counterpart to the 5er, but a lot of customers ask for even more space, more luxury, more comfort. This has prompted us now in the Segment of the X7 to get in. This is explicitly not a still larger X5, but a 7 in the SUV Segment. With the same features: convenient travel and high long-distance comfort, but also the sportiness that distinguishes our brand. Can you already say something about the dimensions? How clearly the X7 breaks the Five-Meter mark?
Dr. Jörg Wunder: He is about five meters, he will also lie about 5.10 meters. Exact data is not known at this stage of the development. This is a stately dimension. You can also say something to the weight, the results from this Format?
Dr. Jörg miracle: The exact data we do not disclose in this question, but of course we have our goals. The empty weight is in the range of 2.3 tons. So we are on the X5, but in the same range as our competitors. How this Segment fits with its dimensions and its weight to the current debate about CO2 emissions and the commitments to the reduction of the fleet consumption?
Dr. Jörg Wunder: of Course, we try also in this Segment, to make the car as efficient as possible. We use the from other models known technique, such as Start-stop function, energy recuperation, tyres with reduced rolling resistance, and the like. So, we try everything, in order to compensate for the big weight and will have a competitive environment, competitive offer. Our goal in Terms of efficiency is actually set the Benchmark. there Will also be a Plug-in Hybrid or a pure electric iX7, or it remains in the conventionally powered models?
Dr. Jörg miracle: The start of production at the end of the year, we will offer a small and a large six-cylinder Diesel and two gasoline engines, a Six – and an eight-cylinder. What we will offer in addition, in the course of the product life cycle also depends very much on the wishes of the customers, the very market-specific. Here are the markets of the United States, China and Europe are very different and we will react accordingly. let’s Stay on the main markets. One thinks here first of all to the United States, China, the Arab countries and Russia. Have we forgotten something?
Dr. Jörg miracle: The is little to add, which are our main markets. Solely on the basis of the dimensions of a X7 for countries is ideal, the space was less restricted than in Europe. Europe is already in use with a X5 sometimes difficult, because, for example, car parks are often not designed for such dimensions. In the United States and the other above-mentioned markets, we do not have this Problem, since a X7 in the road image is of the size to be a rather discreet vehicle. What exactly is the focus of the development was to realize a noticeable distinction to the X5? With the experience of luxury, the space, the performance or the off-road capability, several possibilities seem to us to be here to be plausible.
Dr. Jörg miracle: The goal was to develop a long X5, that was always our focus. We wanted to with the car in the 7 series Segment, and here, travel comfort, ride comfort, acoustic comfort, and the so-called Cocooning include: The customer should feel comfortable in the vehicle at home, safe and secure. In contrast to a sedan, a certain all-terrain capability in an SUV, of course, what we can offer thanks to the two-axle air-suspension and increased ground clearance. We come into areas where a Limousine will never get there, and where also the one or the other SUV’s can’t reach. The objectives of off-road performance, long-range capability and a high driving comfort, sportiness. You can move the vehicle very sporty, but you could also move outside of the paved roads up to a certain degree. A typical application would be the lake house or a mountain cabin, you can actually reach by car. The BMW-typical sportiness is certainly not the first property that we associate with a such a large SUV. What Features you want to conceal the high weight and the dimensions?
Dr. Jörg miracles: The most important is the role of the rear-axle steering, which we offer, for the first time in the SUV Segment. This reduces the turning circle at low speeds. At higher speeds, the rear axle steering is no longer deflected, but with the front wheels. Overall, this leads to more agility and ensures that our large car drives almost like a compact car. Also, the active roll stabilization system helps to reduce the high center of gravity existing Wankneigungen significantly and to improve the driving behavior. With these Features, you can move this large vehicle with the slightly higher center of gravity but very sporty. On country roads you notice the size of the vehicle. The very precise steering, which ensures that the X7 always drives like a typical BMW. What is the role of the two-axis Luftferung, which is used so far only in the 7 series?
Dr. Jörg miracle: The two-axis Luftferung will of course help us to achieve the comfort objectives. It makes a very large contribution to attenuate the structure vibration and ride comfort in an area that would be reached without a two-axle air-suspension more difficult. The 5 series has, however, already shown in many comparative tests, that you can offer without the air suspension, at least as much comfort as competitors with air suspension…
Dr. Jörg Wunder: Yes, the 5 series can do that, he has a completely different weight and Dimensions-boundary conditions. His center of gravity, and the unsprung masses are substantially lower, thus you can work there even without the air suspension very well. How important is it for the clients are the previously-mentioned off-road capabilities in practice? Most SUV’s are, at least from a European perspective, in the big cities…
Dr. Jörg Wunder: This is similar to a 0-to-100-time: You can do it, but do not use it constantly. You can certainly predict that most customers will move as a luxurious vehicle never in an off-road terrain. In markets such as Saudi Arabia, Australia, or Parts of the USA, where there are only a limited paved roads, but quite a bigger role. The more important ability is the space in the third row?
Dr. Jörg Wunder: of Course, Yes. The vehicle offers in the second, but also in the third row, plenty of space. Even there, long-distance comfort. I, myself, am a longer distance in the third series of dangers, without any restrictions. Of course, the vehicle will be demonstrated in the majority of cases in the first-and second-row seats, but you do not need to limit themselves, if you are the grandparents of 2. Row of seats or other passengers want. Can you say in certain aspects that you are a X5 customers is not important while you are for an X7-customers?
Dr. Jörg Wunder: There are definitely themes X5-customers are less important than X7-customers. To do so, the further enhanced ride comfort, Cocooning and the space. We offer in our current X5 is a third row of seats, over certain distances, is also very suitable, but the X7 series is a vehicle with three actually full, which is quite a difference. Especially in countries such as the United States, the related travel comfort on long haul is very important, because the driven distances are often quite different than in Europe. Are there examples of special Features that are related directly with the experience of luxury in a BMW X7?
Dr. Jörg Wunder: Yes, there definitely is. We offer, for example, optionally, with two single seats in the second row, which convey a very soft and very convenient to the feeling of luxury. We have installed also a panoramic glass roof and a glass cover over the third-row seat, which is why it is also in the rear area always very airy, bright and spacious. Currently, a further vehicle at the time of the BMW Group in the final development phase, which requires even more wrapping foil as the X7. As the X7 is the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, are the target groups here relevant different?
Dr. Jörg Wunder: I can only say little to the Cullinan, because it is a very different project. But generally speaking, Rolls-Royce customers to other issues of value as a BMW customer and I trust the strategy of the company, that you do not want to operate two vehicles with the same target group. thanks for the informative interview!

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