China-Germany comparison: sales of the BMW 3 series, 5 series and X1

It is comparatively rare that we are specifically after the series of disaggregated sales Figures from China. In April, 2018 BMW China makes a so far rare exception, and the sale is called the numbers of several important series, what we want to use for a direct comparison with the Numbers in the home market of Germany. To be expected on the basis of the total sales that the differences are great – but so clear and palpable as now you can see the enormous importance of the Chinese market, however, rare.

Specifically, BMW will designate the China-sales of the 3-series and 5-series and the X1. How big is the difference to Germany is already showing a look at the BMW 3 series: While in Germany since the beginning of the year, around 11,500 limousine, Touring and GT have been sold, according to BMW China alone for the month of April, over 13,000 units. For the first four months, sales of over 44,000 units, which surpasses the German sales by almost four times.

Hardly different in the case of the BMW 5-series: an April-giving the Chinese abandon, but since the beginning of the year over 47,000 copies of the upper-class were sold in series. In Germany, where the 5-series as the most successful single series is also very successful, were sold in the first four months of the year to 2018, with only around 15,000 units.

Also, the Compact SUV BMW X1 will be sold in China, considerably more frequent than in Germany. A total of about 34,000 units around 11,300 vehicles and show that the largest market in Asia has also taken over in this Segment already in the lead. This is also true in comparison to the US market, where the X1 comes in the first four months to a paragraph of some of 10,750 vehicles.

A proportion of this has, of course, that all three of these series are offered in China, also as a long version. The Figures also show why China is the world’s only market is on the BMW and many other car manufacturers with special body variants react. And the speed with which China is its distance to other markets increased, is still remarkable:

Since the beginning of the year, the BMW Group increased its sales in China by 5.9 per cent to 203.010 units, Germany with a growth of 1.3 percent to 102.606 units. Also the USA are sold in the race for the role of the largest single market in the long-gone spectator: With a growth of 3.3 percent 111.581 vehicles. It seems currently to be only a question of months, in China alone, more cars are sold than on the second – and third-largest market.

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