FF retro fittings is building the BMW M3 GTS with Original Parts on

For all lovers of strong sedans, it is a shame that the M GmbH never was able to build a BMW M3 GTS by rings. Although the technology is available, the M4 GTS coupe is the only factory-available F8x variant, which has been consistently optimised for the race track. The solution for all, who have been waiting in vain for a BMW M3 GTS, comes from FF retro fittings. The retrofit experts from Werneck use their access to the BMW part no matter and have many Original Parts as close as possible to a “real” M3 GTS pre-worked – and the two-door model, even in some respects surpassed.

At first glance, the M4 GTS is well-known Carbon hood with additional ventilation openings, the adjustable front splitter in Acid Orange, the adjustable rear wing and the exclusive and intensive price Carbon rims type done 681 M in the eye, but it is a long time ago. For more visual Details, such as the Acid Orange-painted brake calipers, and some of the components from the range of BMW M Performance round out the exterior together with the Blackline tail lights. That FF retro fitting the already in 2015, delivered with the base vehicle is equal to the latest Facelift headlights and tail lights has missed, of course, when you look at the retrofit expertise of the company.

However, even if the spectacular appearance leaves nothing to be desired, he is hardly more than the beginning of the Tuning project are: Significantly more important than the look of a sports car adhere to the technology under the sheet metal is serious. In the case of the BMW M3 GTS from FF retro fittings is hardly a part remained, therefore, unchanged, because the base vehicle is the Performance demands of a real GTS in many aspects.

To be able to in such a balanced base, still have a noticeable effect on the cornering speeds experience, it’s not done with minor Updates: An individually tailored Sachs Performance coilover suspension with combined compression and rebound adjustment as well as the extremely sporty Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres provide, together with improved aerodynamics for an even closer interlinking with the road surface.

On the front axle, a Brembo 6-piston brakes with 400 mm discs is used, as normally used in the M5 Generation F10. At the rear, the M Performance sports brake pads and standard brake discs meet the BMW M3 GTS to the Belief of its builders, to be able to in every Situation, sufficient braking force can muster. Fischer steel Flex-lines, ATE brake fluid type 200 Dot4, and the matching of the aerodynamic elements in Acid Orange-painted brake calipers round out the revised braking system.

Will be crowned the FF retro fitting M3 from a performance increase, which brings the brake system, also at the end of a short Straight enough to work. A Carbon-adsorption of Eventuri delivers, together with an Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system is the Hardware requirements for individual characteristic field optimization, at the end of the Biturbo in-line six-cylinder S55 impressive 510 HP and a maximum torque of 680 Newton-meters. In combination with Vmax repeal of the BMW M3 GTS from FF retro fittings will crack effortlessly the 300 km/h mark.

Experience is the result of the extensive renovation can also be properly resharpened the Cockpit. In the interior of the BMW M3 GTS steering Wheel, Gear selector, hand brake handle and door sills from the range of BMW M Performance, with the addition of extensive upholstery work to the individual panel of the headliner, center console and pillars and door panels with high – quality Alcantara. The way to the next track of the current BMW Professional navigation system of the Generation has NBT Evo ID6 on a 10.25-inch Display, which was integrated by FF retro fittings in the 2015 M3.

The project vehicle is now up for sale and opened to all riders in search of a very special Power sedan, the Chance to get a unique piece with outstanding Performance: FF retro fittings sold to the one shown in the BMW M3 GTS is currently at the price of 74.990 euros.

(Photos: Phil Bandow)

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